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Guest Post: Your Job is Ruining Dinner

I don’t particularly like cooking, and I’m embarrassed to reveal just how many days per week we order in (especially during the latter weeks of my pregnancy). However, home-cooked IS best in my opinion and I prefer my mother’s dishes over a restaurant’s any day.

In this piece Susan ponders if women’s careers have lead to a decrease in homecooked meals and an increase in fast-food joints and take-out menus. Can we have it all?

Here’s a new one in the women/Moms should just stay at home argument; working women are ruining dinner. Shame on us!

All the crazy feminists who aren’t home to cook a good meal have apparently caused all kinds of problems, according to this article. The rise of so many fast food joints? Our fault, ladies. Childhood obesity? Well, not to point any fingers, but if you stopped feeding your kids prepackaged, processed foods…

Cooking has been a woman’s domain, along with childcare. Now that the kids are in daycare and there’s Lean Cuisine, the “gentle art of feminine food” has been lost. I am not exactly sure why men are unable to fire up the oven and whip up a casserole for dinner, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.

Gathering people together around a good meal is a cornerstone of society. This is why we love holidays. Well, that and the time off from work. Home cooked meals are great. And I have to admit, my Mom was right, I really did need to learn how to cook so I wouldn’t starve. But I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, and I shouldn’t be the only one in my house who is responsible for making sure we all get fed (and I’m definitely not, my husband actually likes cooking). I’m sure there is a trend of people cooking less day to day, especially with more families where both parents work outside the home. Does anyone besides Martha Stewart have time to, well, Martha Stewart a meal these days? There’s a reason those Rachel Ray 30 minute meals are so popular. However, that doesn’t mean everyone is eating Cheetos and Coke Zero for dinner. Microwaving may not give you the same warm fuzzy memories as Grandma slaving away over a hot stove. But I’ll take my business attire, heels and all the memories life outside my house is going to give me over slippers and an apron any day. I never really cared for pot roast anyway.

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Susan Cruickshank is a feminist, blogger and owner of too many pairs of trousers. She investigates women’s career and other work-related issues on her blog Wearing the Trousers. When not blogging, Susan enjoys the local Boston music scene as fan and sometimes performer and spending time with her husband Rob. Her other favorite activity is posting ridiculous pictures of her cats on Facebook.!

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