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Guest Post: Single Ladies (Don’t Put a Ring on It)?

Here is another great read from Susan. In this post she discusses the decreasing gender wage gap (yay!) and the different factors that may or may not play into it. Enjoy!

In the ever-growing body of evidence for the diminishing wage gap between men and women, research has uncovered a segment of women making more than their male counterparts. Ta-da! “In 2008, single, childless women between ages 22 and 30 were earning more than their male counterparts in most U.S. cities, with incomes that were 8% greater on average, according to an analysis of Census Bureau data,” says the Wall Street Journal.

Between the reports of more men losing their jobs than women in the current recession, and the fact that women are attending college in greater numbers than men, you have a perfect storm of qualified, hard working (and apparently single and childless) ladies bringing home the bacon. I would like to see a survey on whether shoe sales in the cities most affected by this trend (I’m looking at you, Atlanta) have skyrocketed. I’m not trying to stereotype, but I’m guessing that all these single, highly paid gals also have fabulous wardrobes. Wouldn’t you?

However, if you’re not so concerned about your career and really do want to get married, move to Las Vegas. Another study recently found that women marry at a younger age in areas where there are outnumbered by men. When confronted with fewer choices, men seem to want to lock in their sure thing sooner rather than later; so the median age for men getting married in these areas varies. Maybe there is a lot of trophy wifing going on in those cities?

It would seem then that it’s good news all around for ladies these days. But the very last sentence of the first article manages to sneak in a zinger; women’s wages tend to stagnate or even lessen after they have children. Ouch. But the data doesn’t say if this is because they work less hours than in their child-free days, which is hopefully is the reason for the backsliding. I am not going to believe that in this day and age, women make less simply because they have kids at home, because that’s pretty illegal.

“I expect the trend to continue,” says the tastily named Andrew Beveridge. If that’s the case, there eventually must be a trickle up for women later in their careers (aka the ones with kids in most cases). Amen to that.

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