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Happy Mother’s Day!

Today, my mother is spending the day resting at home and playing with Comang, whom she had graciously agreed to watch for us while we are away.

When I called her to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day and she enthusiastically replied, “Happy Mother’s Day to you too!”

(FYI, J doesn’t think that this Mother’s Day “counts” for me because the baby’s not yet born. Poo on him.)

We had booked this vacation without realizing it fell on a holiday, so I will be celebrating Mother’s Day with my mom next Sunday instead. I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said she wanted to go baby shopping so that’s that (should we go to Babies”R”Us or buybuyBABY?). I also hope that we can watch the much-blogged documentary Babies as well.

J and I are having a fantastic babymoon so far. I can’t remember the last time I slept this well — I haven’t even woken up in the middle of the night to pee! In the two days that we’ve been in Palm Beach, we haven’t done anything that we can’t do at home (sleeping in, eating in bed, surfing the web, going to the movies to watch Iron Man 2, etc).

However, this morning, as J opened the sliding door to our balcony and the fresh ocean breeze wafted into the room, it finally set in. We are on a dazzling getaway. We are expecting a beautiful baby girl. We are both healthy and happy, surrounded by wonderful friends and family.

We are SOOO blessed.

We plan on hitting the beach today to get some sun and frolic in the beautifully clear (and warm!) ocean. Can you believe that in the seven years we’ve been together, this is J and my first time together at a beach?

I hope everyone has a great Mother’s Day. And as my friend Shortcake so eloquently said,

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers out there – with babies in their arms,
tummies, or in their memories and hearts.

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