Dec 15, 2008  •  In Entertainment, Funny

Governor Paterson on SNL

As a huge fan of Fox’s House, I made sure to catch last night’s SNL which was hosted by none other than Hugh Laurie, Dr. House himself.

While Mr. Laurie’s performance was pretty good, it was Fred Armisen and Amy Poehler who stole the show.

Fred Armisen made his debut as New York’s Governor Paterson, the “accidental governor” (due to the Spitzer scandal) who is legally blind. He nailed the part on the head – it was frickin hilarious! See for yourself:

Last night also marked the last SNL of 2008 and thus the last episode for Amy Poehler. Her goodbye speech at the end of “Weekend Update” was short and bittersweet. Right as she was about to choke up, Governor Paterson made another appearance to the amusement of everyone…making this goodbye a one to remember!

Goodbye, Amy. You will be missed. Oh, and if you and your hubby Will Arnett want to adopt any kids to add to your new family, I’ll be around.  😉

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