Jun 18, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

It’s been a long week. Let’s move on to the good stuff…

  1. The Father of Google Reader Resigns, Mashable. Thank you, Chris Wetherell, for all your work on my favorite Google application. Isn’t it funny how one’s participation on such a small sector of the Google conglomorate has made him famous?
  2. The Impact of Low Salaries at Apple, Slashdot. Huh. From what I heard, I thought Google was the one with the lower pay (with the fabulous perks to make up for it).
  3. Smithsonian magazine on synthetic diamonds that fool experts, Boing Boing. I read about synthetic, jewelry-grade diamonds a couple of years ago…and I thought it was the coolest thing. Conflict-free and entirely geeklicious! Unfortunately, when J was shopping around for my engagement ring, synthetic diamonds were very difficult to find due to the very nice and cooperative monopoly called DeBeers. Oh well.
  4. The Five Most Powerful Movie Computers, Wired Gadget Lab. Um, hello? What about Skynet?!? Which brings us to the next item on the list…
  5. Britain Launches Final Real-Life Skynet Satellite, Dubs it Skynet with No Sense of Irony, Gizmodo. I knew it! I knew the Terminator movies will come true! Start preparing for the man vs machine war, everyone!
  6. Psychic Kids: They See Dead People, Jezebel. Why? Whyyyy are kids so scary? This video really gave me goose bumps…
  7. Scientists create mutant bugs that produce crude oil, unleash swarm of merciless killers, Engadget. Enough said.
  8. The New $199 iPhone is $160 More Expensive Than The $399 iPhone It Replaced. What? Consumerist. I had a feeling it would as soon as the drop in the iPhone price and the service plan fees were announced…I was just too lazy to do the math. Thanks for working it out, buddy!
  9. Lottery-Winning Doorman Still Can’t Afford This Apartment, Curbed. It’s really sad to know that $5 million means jack in the NYC real estate market.
  10. Mystery on Fifth Ave, NYTimes. I saved the best for last. This story got a lot of press since its release, and rightfully so. Because how freakin awesome is this apartment?!? Puzzles, hidden doors, clues…the apartment even has its own book! Yes, this is yet another testament to the fact that some people have way too much money and time for their own good, but still. Sigh.

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