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‘Sex and the City 2’ Eighties Flashback

These pictures have been plastered all over the web these past few days. Will Sex and the City 2 feature a flashback to the garish eighties?

Charlotte and Miranda’s outfits aren’t too surprising – Charlotte has the adorably preppy Lilly Pulitzer look down pat, and Miranda has drawn the short end of the fashion stick once again. Samantha’s getup is outrageous, as expected, but I was shocked by her punk outfit (maybe because I associate the 80’s Kim Cattrall with the movie Mannequin). Then there’s Carrie. LOVE IT. I only wish I had the guts, the ingenuity, and the body to rock an outfit like that back then!

Who else is looking forward to this sequel? I was a bit disappointed with the first movie, but you can still bet that I’ll be at the theaters when the second comes out!

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2 Responses to “‘Sex and the City 2’ Eighties Flashback”

  1. Ashley says:

    I worshipped the series, and even went on a SATC tour of New York two years ago when visiting with my Mom (I have a pic of us together on Carrie’s “stoop”). I was so so so pumped about the movie, and it was such a letdown. I wanted to like it, but it was just kinda, eh.

    I have the same half-lit excitement about the second. Of course I’ll see it, but maybe rent it… I dunno.

  2. just says:

    sarah jessica parker looks like the crypt keeper…

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