Jun 27, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment, Geek, Science

The Heroic Table of the Elements

This one’s a doozy! Illustrator Matt Cowan has created a cool piece of geek art titled “Heroic Table of the Elements,” where superheroes and villains from the DC and Marvel universe are displayed in the style of the periodic table of elements. You can tell that a lot of thought went into compiling the chart — the […]

Jun 17, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Entertainment, Geek

X-Men Guernica by *Theamat

Artist Cynthia Rodgers has created a reinterpretation of Picasso’s Guernica, featuring none other than our favorite mutants — the X-Men! Can you identify them all? This piece was submitted to the Comic Book Resources contest The Line Is Drawn, where contributors were asked to imagine radical re-designs for classic comic book characters. Be sure to head on over to the […]