Links Roundup: Super Bowl XLV Edition

With just an hour before kickoff, I figured that there has to be some Americans (like us, who are stuck home with the baby) who will not be attending a Super Bowl party tonight and will be enjoying the game at home instead.

And I’m sure there are those who won’t be watching the game at all.

So this post is for us. Enjoy, and let’s go Packers!

Who’s rooting for whom? Go see if you’re in Steelers or Packers territory by inputting your zip code at this Super Bowl FanMap.

Still not sure who to root for? Check out this Super Bowl Flowchart:

Enjoy the commercials more than the game? Check out this Super Bowl commercial schedule, then make sure you haven’t missed a single one (or re-watch your favorites) at adblitz’s YouTube channel, which will have the commercials online right after they air. I already have a favorite: VW Passat’s “The Force” commercial.

And what major event wouldn’t be complete without an infographic? Check out Super Bowl XLV Facts and Figures.

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One Response to “Links Roundup: Super Bowl XLV Edition”

  1. stacey says:

    aww, i’m one of the 5% watching alone! my husband went a party with some of his guy friends, and i’m very much enjoying watching all by myself while working on some projects. 🙂

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