Feb 28, 2012  •  In Entertainment, Infographics, Movies

The “Memento” Timeline, Visualized

I was first introduced to the genius of writer and director Christopher Nolan through his 2000 film Memento. A man suffering from anterograde amnesia who must take Polaroids of everything just to get by. An unsolved murder. And two timelines, one playing chronologically while the other presents backwards, eventually meeting in the middle at the end of the […]

Feb 2, 2012  •  In Art/Design, Geek, Infographics

The Psychology of Color [Infographic]

I have always known that color has the power to influence your mood — for example, did you know that when a certain prison painted its walls pink, acts of agression and physical violence decreased significantly? — and was pleasantly surprised by some of the facts presented in this infographic by PaintersOfLouisville.com. Case in point: you […]