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Cloudy: The Good and the Bad

Remember Cloudy? No? Let’s see if this picture of Claire crotch-punching Cloudy rings a bell: I keep forgetting how TINY Claire used to be! She is now more than twice Cloudy’s size. You can read all about Cloud’s origins here, including the hilarious story behind her name. Lately we have been keeping Cloudy near Claire’s diaper station […]

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J passed this along to me and we both had a good laugh. A must-see for any Foursquare users who are also Star Wars fans! (Click to view large) Via Death Star PR.

Aug 27, 2011  •  In Geek, Information, Star Wars

Star Wars Alphabet Game [Gotta Get ‘Em All!]

I really need to brush up on my Star Wars trivia, because I couldn’t get everything! *hangs head in shame* I will post the answers in the comments section right after publishing this, so fret not! Via Neatorama. P.S. — According to Gamma Squad, the creator of the game, the chart was made “liberally using titles, […]