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Having “The Talk” With Our Children

No, not that talk. The other one. The other, very important one.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at this Public Service Announcement from Asylum:

Here are some sobering facts about the world today: Every day, millions of kids go to sleep having never been introduced to Chewbacca, and, worse, countless more think Greedo shot first

We here at Asylum want to make sure you and your child have an open and healthy conversation about Jar Jar and the differences between a “good trilogy” and an “uh-oh trilogy.” So we’ve provided you with this, a PSA on talking to your child about Star Wars:

J and I swear that we will always reinforce the fact that Han shot first. And that Jar Jar kills puppies. And that Episodes 4-6 will always prevail, despite the embarrassment that is Episodes 1-3.

Now the great question remains: when is the best time to tell our kids about Luke’s father?

Via The Daily What.

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7 Responses to “Having “The Talk” With Our Children”

  1. thisstephanie says:

    So, so funny. That first line had me so concerned — what other talk!? 🙂

  2. It's funny you should post this because I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine regarding our geeky tendencies and possible future offspring. As a Star Trek fan, I told my friend that if my possible future offspring LIKED Voyager series over the other ones, I would have to immediately disown him/her.

  3. T says:

    The real question is what order will you make them watch the movies, in movie time chronological order or by time they were released?

    also why would you tell them about Luke's father? Thats just mean, you let them find out for themselves.

  4. We here at Asylum want to make sure you and your child have an open and healthy conversation about Jar Jar and the differences between a "good trilogy" and an "uh-oh trilogy."

  5. This is SO awesome! Did you see the Star Wars products at Williams-Sonoma? Perhaps the talk would best take place over some stormtrooper pancakes?

  6. maggie may says:

    hello there! i found you because i was googling '38' weeks pregnant- which i am- looking to read other women
    talking about being this far along. i read through many of your posts and passed an hour or so, so thanks
    for that ! 🙂

  7. schmei says:

    I recently read that the easiest way to explain to adopted kids where they came from is to start telling the adoption story when they're infants, and then tell it over and over and over… so by the time they're old enough to wonder about such things, the story is very familiar for the kid, and the parent is comfortable with explaining it.

    I think this is basically how Star Wars worked in my family: by the time I was old enough to know I loved the original trilogy (you know, middle school or so), I had already seen them approximately 400 times.

    Excuse me, I need to go thank my mom for being awesome. 🙂

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