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Talkin’ ’bout My Generation

Since 1900, there have been six generations in the United States: G.I., Silent, Boomer, X, Millennial, and Z. While most people identify with one generation, I have the luck of having been born during a generational overlap — between X and Millennial.

Could you have guessed this based on what social trends influenced me while growing up?

USAToday believes so. In fact, they have created a fun interactive quiz which guesses your age based on your cultural experiences.

I have always been told that I act older than my age, and that my tastes and preferences belong to someone who is older. This must hold true to some regard, because USAToday guessed the year of my birth as 1973, not 1980!

How about you? Were your results accurate?

Via Flowing Data.

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20 Responses to “Talkin’ ’bout My Generation”

  1. I got 77 instead of 81… pretty close though!

  2. Elyssa says:

    I got 1972. Weird.

  3. Ashley says:

    I got 1982 and I was born in 1985. I'm inter-generational! Right in the middle of X and Millennial.

  4. Jade says:

    I'm born in 1980 also (birthday is next Tuesday!) and have always been told I act older than my age. This quiz wasn't too far off from my real age though; it gave me a result of 1977.

  5. Steph says:

    It guessed 1976, I was born in 1982. Fun though!

  6. Nodakademic says:

    I got 1962, in spite of my answers of Friends and Green Day! LOL. [I'm '83]

  7. Maggie says:

    Interesting – it said 1978 which is only 3 years off (1981).

  8. BB says:

    Is everyone on here the same age? It guessed 1979, and I was born in 1981.

  9. bohemianbailie says:

    I was born in 85 and it told me 73!!!

  10. Mine guess 1984, which was the year I was born. However, if you look at the questions, it's fairly easy to pinpoint when you were a teenager, because it's looking at things that were popular when you were a teenager. So it's not like it can be that far off unless you mistakenly guessed the wrong thing, or chose what you like more vs what was actually popular at the time.

  11. Mary says:

    It said 1978 but i'm 1980

  12. Whaaaa? I get 1973 as well. I was born in 1981. I guess I'm an old soul as well 🙂

  13. Lise says:

    I think my results highlight my disconnection from pop culture rather than what an old soul I am – I was born in 84, it guessed 65. That's just weird.

  14. MrsW says:

    Hm, I got '79 when I'm really '87. That's quite odd. Maybe it's because I answered the questions in more of what I remembered from being under 10, not as a teenager. Now looking at my results though, I think the thing that held me back was answering Jordan for major sports player… I guess I should have chosen Steve Young but I had honestly NEVER heard of him before taking this quiz.

  15. JG says:

    I got 74 and was born in 82!

  16. Rachael says:

    Mine said 1981 and I was born in 1980! I am in the overlap between Gen X and Millenials.

  17. Dolly says:

    Haha I was born in 1982 but it guessed 1969. Fun quiz! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Jennifer says:

    Haha, fun quiz! I got 1976 but I'm a 1982 baby. Thanks for sharing the link!

  19. Christiana says:

    so funny! It guessed me 1976, but I was born 1984! fun quiz 🙂

  20. Liesal says:

    I was born in 1985, but the quiz said 1977.

    The quiz was kind of difficult for me to complete because I didn't start getting into pop culture until after high school. I was raised on a farm and we didn't have cable or the regular "toys". My brother and I played with farm animals or made our own games. So, for the answers, I had to think about what commercials I remembered and what I remembered other people in my class talking about.

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