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How Fast Can You Read?


And how do you compare to the national average?
Office supplies retailer Staples has created an online test that measures how many words you read per minute and how you rank up to the masses. The directions are simple: after reading a selection of text, you answer 3 simple questions to verify that you did, in fact, read the passage, and voilà!

I’m sure that the test is not without faults, but I was still pleasantly surprised — with a smidge of nerdy pride — to score 1,068 words per minute.  I guess my love of reading and my desire…

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Browser Girls


The comic is pretty funny by itself, but the comments on it are hilariously accurate too! Here’s my favorite:
IE10 is like the friend that said he would show up to the party early and bring tons of booze that everyone can have, but shows up 3 hours late with a 40 of king kobra for himself.
Meanwhile, your good, reliable, friend Firefox just said he would show up, and ended up bringing 2 kegs because he wanted to.
Safari and opera showed up together. They aren’t the coolest, but they are fun to have around at parties. They don’t…

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Because Sharing is Caring [Memos from Nick Fury]


Last week, both kids received their flu vaccines…and they’ve been coughing since. Claire seems to be holding up pretty well, but Aerin’s dry cough turned into phlegm-y, hacking fits which progressed to a fever. And with her surgery date so close, the doctor advised us to keep an extra watch on her.
Like most kids, Aerin tends to get overly clingy when she’s not feeling well. So it’s no surprise that I got a little sick too…
I think it goes without saying that these past few days have not been fun. And while I have a ton of half-finished…

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Guess the Movie, Emoji Edition


Below are 50 movies depicted in emoji form. Can you guess them all?
(I will post the answers in the comments section. I’m not sure I should be proud of the fact that I got all of them without a problem…?)

Via WeKnowMemes.…

Yahoo’s New Logo: Just ‘Meh’


What do you guys think of Yahoo!’s new logo?

Just in case you weren’t aware, this new logo was revealed after a 30 Days of Change campaign which announced the internet giant’s plans for a new logo and built anticipation by showcasing a different logo every day for — you guessed it — 30 days.

30 Days of Change expectedly received tons of press, and while the buzz died down after the first few days, it definitely got people to talk about Yahoo! again — an achievement in itself according to those who dismiss Yahoo! as a “dying” company.