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Slacking Off [An Update in Facebook Posts]

As you can probably tell from the title of this post, this will be a short compilation of stories and pictures I’ve already shared on my personal Facebook account. So if you’ve seen this already, I apologize…but my kids are so stinkin’ cute that the stories are guaranteed to put a smile on your face this weary Monday morning! :-)

Cuteness Overload #1:

A couple of weeks ago, Aerin bit Claire’s arm — hard enough to leave red indentations which inevitably transformed into teeth-shaped bruises. :-(  To be fair, Claire had been taunting Aerin by holding out her arms and telling her to chomp down, only to pull away at the last second…but this time, she wasn’t fast enough.

Needless to say, Claire started bawling uncontrollably from the pain, and Aerin — who almost always cries when she sees that her big sister is upset — followed suit. I made Aerin apologize (“Sowee, unnie.”) and I explained to Claire that her sister is still too little to understand potentially dangerous games like that.

I think Aerin continued to feel bad about the incident, because she was extra affectionate toward Claire (sitting right next to her and tentatively following her around the house) for the rest of the afternoon, and even gave Claire’s booboo a kiss. When she saw that Claire was sulking again, she brought me the TV remote and asked, “Aww-troll?” (Paw Patrol, which is Claire’s favorite show).


Fun with Photo Booth

They have taken over my bed.

At the Bronx Zoo.

Cuteness Overload #2:

Aerin brings me a pair of sparkly shoes…

Aerin:  “Umma! Shoe! Help me!”
Me:  “Okay…sit first.”

Aerin immediately sits.

Claire:  “GOOD BOY!”
Me:  “No, you don’t say ‘Good boy’ to your sister or other people. You say ‘Good boy’ to dogs like Dante.”

Both girls giggle at what I say.

Claire:  “Okay, umma! Ruff! I’m a dog!”

Aerin walks over to her big sister, pats her on the head, and says, “GOOD BOY!”

Moar Pix:

In the fobby PJs I got for them from Korea

More Photo Booth fun

Future geek in training

Cuteness Overload #3:

For the past month or so, C&A have NEEDED me to lie in bed with them in order to fall asleep. A typical bedtime scenario:

Girls:  *whisper, whisper, giggle, whisper*
Me:  “Shh! Good night!”


Claire:  “Ow! Umma, Aerin is hitting me!”
Me:  “Aerin, don’t hit your sister.”

Silence. Aerin suddenly gets up and starts jumping around the bed.

Claire:  “Shh! Unnie is tired!”
Me:  “Aerin, LIE DOWN and go to sleep!”

Aerin lies down and both girls stay silent for about a minute. Then I hear whispering again.

Claire:  *giggles*  “Aerin, you’re so silly!”
Aerin:  “No, silly CLAIRE!”
Me:  “You’re BOTH silly! Go to sleep!”

Another minute of silence. Then Aerin starts to softly sing, “♫Good night…♫” And Claire & I both join in. “♫Good night, good night…don’t let the frostbite bite…♫” (This is the song Kristoff sings to Sven in Frozen.)

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Popular Logos with Hidden Messages

I haven’t featured anything logo-inspired in a while, so when I came across this in my Twitter feed, I knew I’d have to share it. ;-)

Having worked with branding at a previous job, I can be a bit of a logo nerd; as such, I already knew most of these hidden messages nestled within the logos. But revisiting good design is always a great way to instill and inspire, not to mention the “zOmg that’s so coo!” factor behind some of these ideas!

1.  Sony VAIO


If you divide the word “VAIO” in half, you can see that the first two letters represent an analog symbol, while the last two are binary. Pretty neat, huh?

2.  Baskin Robbins


This one’s more common-knowledge than the rest. The part of the logo that is highlighted in pink is the number 31, which is the number of flavors the ice cream chain famously offers.

3.  Northwest Airlines


This logo has two hidden messages: the first is that you can see both an N and a W within the negative space. The second is harder to spot, but it’s pretty cool when you notice it — the triangle in the circle also serves as an arrow that points northwest.

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Why You Should Love ‘Orphan Black’ [Infographic]

***spoilers below***

Because it’s the best sci-fi show currently on TV.

Because Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress — hello, Emmy snub! — who plays about a dozen different characters (in case you didn’t know, Orphan Black is a show about clones) with such ferocity that you could swear the show employs identical twins. Or triplets. Or quadruplets. Or even their own clones.

Because you’ll fall in love with everyone, and you’ll have endless internal debates about which clone is your favorite. (Mine is Allison at the moment.)



Because you can binge-watch seasons 1 and 2 — each 10 episodes long — and you’ll be caught right up. And you’ll finish the latest episode with a “NO!” (well, that happens pretty often with this show ;-) ) and agree that THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING and not-so-patiently await season 3 with the rest of us.

Need more convincing? Here’s a handy infographic that proves Orphan Black is the best show you’re not watching!


Via Nerdist.

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YSL Fusion Ink Foundation: First Impressions & Comparisons

If you’re a beauty junkie like me, I’m sure you’ve heard of the new “it” foundation: the Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation (otherwise known as Le Teint Encre de Peau).


The YSL Fusion Ink is the latest in the liquid-to-powder-finish foundation trend that started with the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup and expanded to the L’Oréal Magic Nude Liquid Powder (aka Nude Magique Eau de Teint), the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation, and the Lancôme Nude Miracle (aka Miracle Air de Teint).

(It’s no surprise that all four brands are owned by L’Oréal. I assume that with the success of the Maestro, L’Oréal wanted to monetize the product further through its brands with minor variations in formula at different price points. However, IMHO, they are not dupes and they are not the same. More on this at the end of the post.)

I have read wonderful things about the YSL Fusion Ink Foundation. That it was developed with NASA-inspired technology. That it garnered a waiting list of over 12,000 in the U.K. That it is longer lasting and better than the Giorgio Armani Maestro.

At $60 for a 0.84oz of product, the Fusion Ink is definitely an investment. As such, I decided to try it out before splurging on a bottle. Luckily, my local Sephora is very generous with samples and I was able to obtain a jar in BD15, or Warm Buff.


So is it worth the hype?

Perhaps. It depends on what your preferences may be.

Allow me to explain.

I have found that the Fusion Ink is a bit longer-lasting than the Maestro, with a slightly more matte finish. And like the Maestro, it feels wonderful on the skin and does not look cakey even through multiple layers.

However, I felt that it was less pigmented than the Maestro (i.e., I needed to use more of the product to get the same coverage). Additionally, it has the signature YSL flowery scent. It’s not a bad scent, and completely dissipates in about 30 minutes, but I prefer my makeup unscented.

It still looks pretty great, wouldn’t you say?


Products worn:

So again, in the battle between the YSL Fusion Ink and the Giorgio Armani Maestro, it really depends on what your preferences are:

longevity + matte finish + flowery scent


more pigment + dewy finish + unscented

And to this blogger, the Giorgio Armani is a better fit. :-)

So how do the other L’Oréal foundations mentioned above compare?


When the L’Oréal Magic Nude first came out and bloggers everywhere lauded it as a much cheaper dupe for the Giorgio Armani, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it! However, I found the formula to be less satisfactory — it was less pigmented and a bit more drying. I also had trouble finding a good shade match (most of the shades were pink-based), and then there was the problem of the packaging: a heavy glass bottle with just a regular screw top? I much preferred the Maestro’s dropper.

The Maybelline Dream Wonder is another drugstore option, and most bloggers seem to prefer it over the Magic Nude. Its packaging is more friendly too — attached to the cap is a plastic tear-shaped applicator, similar to the YSL Fusion Ink’s quill applicator. That being said, I found it thinner and not as long-lasting as the Maestro. :-(  

I actually haven’t tried the Lancôme Nude Miracle save for a test application on my hand and chin at Sephora. While I love the dropper bottle design, it is the least pigmented of the group. A great choice for those wanting light coverage, to be sure, but not for me.

And you know how I feel about the YSL Fusion Ink. :-)

So for now, the Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Makeup remains my favorite. Yes, it’s expensive at $64 an ounce. But each bottle has lasted me anywhere from 4-6 months, even with almost-daily use!

I hope you’ve found this review and the comparisons helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer.  8-)