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Look at me!


Did that scare you? ;-)  Because it’s pretty freaky, if I may say so myself.

As much as I would like to take credit for this zombie effect, I didn’t have to do any work to achieve the ghoulish look (unless you call clicking on some buttons “work”). So no, there will be no makeup tutorial. :-P

What I can tell you is that you can easily do the same for yourself, or any other person’s portrait. All you need is a Google+ account…

  1. Go to your Photos page (located at https://plus.google.com/photos)
  2. Look for the following section at the top of the page:
  3. Follow the instructions, and voilà!

The zombified image of myself above isn’t the actual result — instead, you will receive a scarier animated GIF:


But because the full animation is pretty long and the file size is a staggering 9.7mb (!), I have isolated just one frame for you. :-)

Think the zombie effect is too scary? Prefer something prettier/cuter? They’ve got you covered too!


I don’t know how long this functionality will stay up — probably just until Halloween — so head on over to Google+ and give it a try!

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Creepy Halloween Costumes from the Early 1900s

If you do a Google Image Search on “creepy halloween costumes from the early 1900s,” you’ll be in for a special treat.

Not really. Because they really ARE damn scary.

Especially the ones of children. Geez, how can kids be so creepy??!

So don’t look below if you’re sensitive to nightmare-inducing images. You’ve been warned.




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20 Celebrities and Their Historical Doppelgangers

Granted, a couple of them are a stretch. But holy crap a lot of these celebrities look creepily like these historical figures!

(And is it just me, or does Napoleon Bonaparte get a lot more attractive after being compared to Trent Reznor?)

Christian Bale & A Civil War Soldier:

Keanu Reeves & Paul Mounet:

Michael Douglas & George Washington:

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Two Fascinating, Potentially NSFW Charts

I’m not sure exactly why I find these charts — depicting the various subjects and categories that turn people on and how they differ between men and women — so interesting.

Well, duh it’s related to sex so it’s naturally intriguing. But I think for me, the science and research behind human attraction has always been captivating because the driving forces behind what makes one person attractive to another can vary so greatly.

Granted, these charts are not necessarily about attraction. But what turns someone on can’t be too far from their preferences in pornography, no?

Here is a ranking of Pornhub’s most-viewed categories:


And the most-searched terms:


Is it just me, or is the fact that “teen” takes the top spot for men in both charts sorta disturbing?

Head on over to the original article for more detailed insights. (Warning: it is hosted on Pornhub’s main site so you may not want to open the link at work or anywhere else where your internet activities are monitored.)

Via Geekologie.

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Power Dynamics Via Angles [Silence of the Lambs Edition]

I’m really enjoying the Every Frame a Painting series from Tony Zhou!

Last week, I shared with you his analysis of David Fincher’s brilliant directorial techniques. Today, I bring you a similar video that dissects a famous scene from Silence of the Lambs. This one’s less than 3 minutes long, so take a look if you didn’t watch the David Fincher one.

Once again, I’m blown away by how something seemingly-simple as camera angles can play such a crucial role. It’s almost as if camera angles can act as narrators, or even convey subliminal messages!

Now I’m tempted to rewatch all my favorite movies to examine what I’ve missed…

Via Boing Boing.