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Diamonds, Part III: Some Tips!

Diamonds 101 Diamonds…continued When purchasing a diamond, the worst thing you can do is walk into a jewelry store and pick something they have on display. First, you need to do your research. Then, find a good vendor. A good jeweler will be honest with you and try their very best to find the best […]

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Please read my previous post, Diamonds 101, if you haven’t already done so. Let’s talk about diamond shapes. The round brilliant is the most popular shape for good reason: it faces up large, and no other shape can perform as well in terms of brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Rounds are also easiest to predict in terms of […]

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Diamonds 101

I’ve never been a jewelry person, but I can’t stop staring at my engagement ring! How does this little thing sparkle so much? Why are diamonds so expensive? What makes one diamond better than another? So, per my typical fashion, I decided to do some research and share it with you… I won’t get too […]