Aug 31, 2010  •  In Baby, Comang, Personal

Our First (Clingy) Child

Lately I have been getting more and more concerned about how Comang will react to the baby. When his previous owners brought their baby home, they told me that Comang didn’t really pay attention…if anything, he seemed to be oblivious to the new strange creature that inhabited his space. However, I spend a lot more time […]

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Aperture T-Shirt

At first glance this shirt seems to portray a simple geometric design. However, upon closer observation — and perhaps immediately to photographers — the design mimics the heart of a shutterbug: the eye of the aperture. At $18, it is totally wearable and would make a great gift for any photographer. Via Fashionably Geek. You […]

Aug 30, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Cute, Photography

Pet Cloud

I love this series of photos by Michale Casker featuring a girl and her pet cloud. Be sure to click on through for more photos! Via Laughing Squid. You may also like: Website of the Day: Sad Animal Facts The Secret Lives of Superhero Toys Suck My Brick Boo!

Aug 29, 2010  •  In Cute

Adorbz of the Day

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Aug 28, 2010  •  In Blogging, Entertainment, Personal

Do You Boycott?

Ever since I started writing more about my religious views on this site, I have gotten more than a few comments and nasty emails stating that they will no longer read my blog because they disagree with my stance on certain issues. I don’t have much of a problem with readers who choose to unsubscribe […]

Aug 27, 2010  •  In Personal, Pregnancy

34 Weeks (Weight Concerns)

I was all set to do a regular 34 week update, but got a bit discouraged after this morning’s OB appointment where the doctor lectured me about my weight gain and asked me exactly what I have been eating.   I know that my eating habits can be better, but I haven’t been eating any […]

Aug 27, 2010  •  In Art/Design, Colors, Education, Science

Educational Chemistry Crayons

Want your child to get a head start on chemistry? Try these Educational Chemistry Crayons from Etsy seller QueInteresante: Children play and draw with crayons practically every day, so why not make the experience more educational? This listing is for a set of 48 Crayola crayons with labels so that while children are coloring, they […]

Aug 27, 2010  •  In Funny, Music, Personal

Heard a Song (1990 vs 2010)

This chart, found over at Geeks are Sexy, sure brings back some fond memories… Who knows how many great songs I’ve missed out on over the years because the radio DJ never mentioned the artist, or the song name? And when you ask your friends (“It goes something like duh-nuh-nuuuuuhhhh, da-duh!”) they have no idea […]

Aug 26, 2010  •  In Funny, Sports

A Slap in the Face

Via Up Next in Sports. You may also like: 3 Flowcharts [Sleep, GoT, and World Cup Edition] Poppin’ in to Wave Hi NFL Quarterbacks on Facebook: Super Bowl XLVII Edition If NFL Quarterbacks Were Mobile Phones…

Aug 26, 2010  •  In Cute, Web

Kitten Nom Nom Nom

This is the cutest video I’ve seen in weeks! I’m currently dog-sitting my sister’s dog Dante, and when I played this video for the first time both Dante and Comang ran over to investigate. I wish I had a camera on hand to capture their confused looks as they stared at the computer screen, but […]