Sep 11, 2008  •  In Personal

A Spike in Traffic

Yesterday, the great and mighty Neatorama linked to my Top 5 Star Wars Designs and What Inspired Them post in their 6 Things Inspired by Einstein.

I almost let out a scream when I saw the one-sentence reference to my lil’ ol’ blog on one of my favorite sites on the web. Needless to say, I was ecstatic and beyond delighted. My feet even moved to perform a little jig under my desk while I was seated at my desk at work.

My traffic continued to grow as other sites – even TheForce.Net (!!!) –  picked up on the story. Usually my Google Analytics graph resembles this:

(image via Flickr)

This morning, my traffic graph looked like this:

(image via Flickr)

A big thank you to Neatorama and all the other sites that linked to me yesterday! And welcome to all my new visitors!

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