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Claire’s First Boyfriend

Last week, Claire asked me for some plain white paper. “I want to make a drawing for my friend,” she told me. I happily obliged, and didn’t think much of it until she finished her work of art.

“Umma, can you help me spell Kyle?”

Okaaay. What was going on here? I helped her spell, and watched on as she carefully wrote, “To Kyle. Love, Claire.” on her drawing.

The next day, she bashfully handed Kyle her drawing at morning dropoff. Her head was down, and she could barely look his way as he accepted the gift. (How stinkin’ cute is that???)

And the day after that, Kyle reciprocated! He knew of Claire’s love for giraffes, and he had helped his parents choose a picture of two giraffes to print it out for Claire.


“Claire, do you like Kyle?” I teased her later that day.

“Yes, he is my boyfriend.”

“Oh ruuullllly? What makes him your boyfriend?”

“I drew him a picture, and he gave me a picture too. Now we are girlfriend and boyfriend!”

Oh, the innocence of youth…  :mrgreen: 

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2 Responses to “Claire’s First Boyfriend”

  1. Awwwh. Too cute!! What did Claire draw for Kyle?

    • It was a picture of space, with the sun and stars and meteoroids. (She specifically told me “meteoroids,” not comets or meteors, because they were learning this at school.) I should have taken a picture of it before she gave it to him, I know!

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