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Disapproving Rabbits

Website of the day: disapprovingrabbits.com

They’re cute, they’re fluffy, and they disapprove!

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4 Responses to “Disapproving Rabbits”

  1. Why do they disapprove rabbits? there are also ways to keep rabbits as pets right?
    Rabbits may be thought of as one of the exotic pets but are actually very easy to keep. They are very low maintenance animals making them similar to cats in the amount of care needed. They are very enjoyable to watch and play with. Rabbits are very social animals, if you decide to have a rabbit as a pet, make sure to set aside daily time to play with them. Rabbits that aren’t shown attention and loved may become depressed.

  2. Yes, rabbits are cute and i love them!
    If you are planning on keeping your rabbit as an inside pet, you will need sleeping quarters for your rabbit as well as somewhere where your rabbit can be safe when not under your supervision rabbit cages are available offering many choices in sizes and materials. A good one will have a tray under the bottom of the cage for easy cleaning. Your rabbit can be litter trained by providing a litter tray in the corner of his cage. Make sure to change the litter frequently.

  3. Jak Martin says:

    I love rabbits as pets. They are a wonderful addition to a family as long as they are taken care of and handled properly. Mini Lops are my favorite. They are so cute when as they are growing one ear up and one ear down. My father-in-law raised rabbits for meat. He had a thriving business.

  4. I don't understand why a lot of people disapprove rabbits. They are adorable and fun to be with.
    While raising children with pets from an early age often teaches the child compassion, affection and responsibility, there are still guidelines that must be followed when introducing pets and children to each other. In addition, not all pets are ideal for households with small children, and in some cases families should postpone getting pets until their children are mature enough to know how to interact with animals.

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