Jul 7, 2008  •  In Personal, Relationships

Feeling Unattractive

I think every girl has those days when she feels Jabba-esque.

You know what I’m talking about. When all your outfits make you look fat. When no amount of concealer will hide the dark circles under your eyes. When your hair refuses to acquiesce to endless styling and products.

Lately I’ve been having more of these days, mainly due to my lopsided face. It’s subtle, but I can tell the difference, and when the owner isn’t feelin’ it the body tends not to cooperate.

“Do you think I’m ugly?”

This is the question dreaded by men all over the world. How do you respond to that? What if your girlfriend or wife does in fact, look like shit that day?

Lucky for me, J always has the perfect answer to that question:

“Look, I’m a very superficial and shallow person. Why would I be with you if I didn’t think you’re pretty?”

It’s so outrageous and downright cocky that I can’t help but laugh and end up forgetting why I was feeling down in the first place.

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