Apr 23, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

I’m currently sitting at Athens Airport waiting for my flight to Mykonos so I have some extra time. You didn’t think I’d neglect a weekly feature just because I’m on my honeymoon, did you? 😉

  1. Flashback: What the World Was Like When the First iPod Was Released, Wired Gadget Lab. I have a 5-year old 3rd generation iPod that still hasn’t crapped out on me. In fact, the only thing wrong with it is that the battery dies after about 15 minutes…but I still use it in the car where it is constantly plugged into the power source. I still can’t believe the iPod is only 7 years old!
  2. Live Mesh: First Look at Microsoft’s New Platform, ReadWriteWeb. Microsoft’s answer to Google Gears…it also sounds a lot like Apple’s iWeb.
  3. Kart around NYC with free Mario cab rides this Thursday, Joystiq. Sigh…so many things I’m missing this week! On the bright side, Mario Kart Wii should be ready for us when we return.
  4. History’s 5 Best Interface Designs, Wired Gadget Lab. I love articles like this!
  5. Global Warming and Bad Harvests Raise Cost of Beer, Gothamist. Why?!? Why must terrible things like this happen?
  6. Delta “Cozy Suites” Make Economy Class Semi-Tolerable, Gizmodo. This actually looks pretty dope. Two more years!
  7. Death Star Wedding Cake Wins Fanboy of the Year Award, Sets Grounds for Divorce, Gizmodo. I really wanted a cool wedding cake, especially after seeing the now-famous Super Mario Wedding Cake. But nooo…we needed to spend the money on flowers instead. You tell me which is better: flowers that die, or a totally geekalicious wedding cake and the fame that comes with it.
  8. Dying ‘Last Lecture’ Prof’s New Book Becomes a Runaway Seller, Wired Science. Randy
    Pausch’s story holds a special place in my heart because he was very involved in the organization where I work…I’ve even done some marketing publicizing this “Last Lecture”! His life truly is inspirational and touching.
  9. Problem Child: Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional, Jezebel. Researchers at Johns Hopkins has found that parents are way more strict with their older children than their younger siblings. (Duh!) But wait, they even have a mathematical formula to prove it! Ahh, my good ol’ alma mater…
  10. WTC Construction Update: Freedom’s Garbage, Curbed. A homeless man, while rifling through garbage, found the blueprints for Freedom tower. Wow I feel so safe!

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