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Pandy’s Puddle

There’s an episode of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan which revolves around Tolee’s relationship with his stuffed panda bear, Pandy.

In this episode, titled “Pandy’s Puddle,” Tolee the koala bear is utterly devastated when Pandy falls into a muddy puddle, and as a result must be separated from its owner to take a spin in the washing machine.

This is the only episode of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan that Claire cannot watch.

To further clarify, this is the only episode that is forbidden from being played at our house.

Why, do you ask? It’s because Claire relates so much to Tolee and his attachment to Pandy (see: Claire’s Lovey) that she, too, gets upset when Tolee begins to miss his inanimate friend.

I know that as parents, we shouldn’t laugh at our children’s misery. However, this is so darn cute that you cannot help but let out a smile.

Like the times Aerin starts bawling because she’s just finished a serving of one of her favorite foods.

Or when Claire talks to her little sister like she’s disciplining a dog, saying things like, “No! Bad baby!” (complete with a pointed finger) and Aerin just stares back in confusion.

And how yesterday, Aerin wondered into the bathroom and accidentally closed the door behind her, leaving herself alone in the dark. (She immediately panicked and started to cry big fat tears in the 2 seconds it took for me to rescue her, chuckling under my breath.)

Wow, I’m a horrible mom.

But you gotta find humor wherever you can, right?

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2 Responses to “Pandy’s Puddle”

  1. MarcieT says:

    You’re not a bad mom. Finding humor in the little things is very good for you; you’re able to step back from the kid drama of the moment and just appreciate the situation from a different point of view. That very likely makes you a very good parent, actually. It’s the ones who get caught up in the drama of their children who are worrisome!

  2. stacey says:

    We laugh at our 2 month old all the time… especially when we are in the middle of helping her, and apparently not doing it fast enough, and she starts squawking. (Literally – not crying, squawking.) Hard not to laugh when you see so much indignation coming from such a tiny person.

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