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Mommy’s Diapers

After a visit to the grocery store to stock up on feminine supplies, I had my back turned for 5 seconds while taking Aerin’s jacket off and Claire got ahold of my box of Always Overnights with Wings.

(The rule of thumb with toddlers is that they will cause the most mischief when you have your back turned for 2-5 seconds — no more, no less. Like last night, when Claire tried to get into the tub by herself during bath time and FELL IN HEAD FIRST into the almost-full, soapy tub with all her clothes still on and her stuffed giraffe in her hands. Trying to calm down a hysterically crying toddler — a soaking wet, hysterically crying toddler, while she clutches her dripping-wet, now-weighing-5-pounds stuffed animal in her arms, was the highlight of the week.)

Claire’s personality is like mine in that she has trouble letting things go. As such, I have found that if she becomes fascinated by something she shouldn’t be playing with — like my menstrual supplies — it is better for me to show her how BORING and UNEXCITING the object in question is so that her curiosity will be satisfied and I will not have to deal with a tantrum when I eventually take it away.

So per my usual fashion, I unwrapped one of the pads and showed her what it is, flipping it front to back so that she could examine it, saying stuff like, “Oh, this is not fun. It’s so white and plain! Mommy’s bored with it already. Mommy’s going to go play with that toy over there now.”

And because she is such a bright, curious girl, I like to tell her what the objects are for, too. So in this case —

“These are mommy’s diapers. Just like the diapers that you and your little sister wear…”

I was planning to go on by saying, “But yours are so much prettier! This is nothing special.” when I saw a lightbulb switch on in her head.

And she immediately grabbed the pad from me and stuck it on my butt.

I wish I could have taken a picture of me standing there, mouth hanging open with a pad stuck to the butt of my pants, but before I could make a move she ripped it off and stuck it on her butt. And, as expected, she left to go check herself out in the mirror.

I did, however, manage to get a very blurry shot of her coming out of her room, the pad in question now in her hands:

Unless we’re going out, I usually keep the girls in the PJs the entire day.
(The grocery store doesn’t count, because I walk there and we go practically
every day.) Don’t judge — they’re too young to care and it cuts down on
laundry as well as the need to buy more clothes.

P.S. — I will return to my regular blogging schedule next week. This week has just been…a whirlwind of sh*tstorms.

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7 Responses to “Mommy’s Diapers”

  1. Michelle says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, that’s what I initially told my now 2 year 9 month old about my panty liners – mummy’s diapers. Later I told her what they were, mummy’s panty liners. One day, she insisted on taking one (new of cos!!). She has a habit of clutching one diaper which we change her and playing with clean diapers on her stuffed animals so a party liner seems like an extension of that. Somehow, said panty liner ended up in her diaper drawer. Once, when our part time nanny was here with the twins and she was home sick, she wanted my nanny who was her previous infant care teacher to change her dirty diaper so she went to the drawer and pulled out the panty liner. Imagine my embarrassment when my nanny handed it over to me later *covers face*. Anyhow, said panty liner went back to the diaper drawer.

    One evening, after my mom gave her a bath, she insisted on wearing a party liner! Ran to the diaper drawer and dug it up and insisted on putting it on! My mom tried to trick her by tossing it aside when she wasn’t looking, pulled up her panties and said its on but nooooo, my smarty panties was not fooled. She pulled down her panties and said ‘Por Por, its not there!’ At this point, my mom was trying so hard not to double over with laughter. So my mom had to pull out the panty liner and this time, my darling peeled off the backing and insisted on putting it on her panties herself and pulled it up over her night time diapers. Mom reminded us to make sure that we remove the panty liner from the panties when we change her diapers tomorrow morning BEFORE she heads off to school 😛

  2. Jill says:

    That is so cute!!! Also, I love that you leave them in jammies all day. It lightens the laundry load for sure. Why soil something new if what they’re in is just fine?

  3. Amanda says:

    HAH! Hilarious – and so adorable. 🙂

  4. Annie says:

    Hahahaha! That was hilarious! Se really is so smart!

    I’m sorry about your week 🙁 I hope it gets better for you! Hugs!!

  5. Di says:

    I love that photo. And while I’m not a mom, I was left thinking, “Who judges parents for having kids in pjs all day?” I would think everyone would do it.

  6. Oh, the complete lack of privacy when you’re a mother…. My girl has decided they’re giant band-aids for your underwear, and begs me to let her unwrap them for me. I can’t even talk about her obsession with “red pee” — tooooo much TMI, but I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

    And why would you have to apologize for leaving Claire in adorable jammies with a KITTY FACE on them??!? I want some of those for myself!

  7. that’s an adorable story!

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