May 1, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

I’m still jet-lagged from the trip but I couldn’t pull myself away from my beloved Google Reader, which had thousands of feeds waiting for my return.

  1. Dealzmodo Ahoy: HDTVs Will Get Stupid Cheap Next Month, Gizmodo. My jaw dropped as I read this, because we had just purchased a large screen LCD television last month. $F@(*SKJF!!!!
  2. Why New York Pizza is so Tough to Replicate, Neatorama. I’ve had “New York style” pizzas all over the country, and I don’t think I’m being biased in believing that NY truly has the best pizza (even better than Chicago). Even pizza from Penn Station is better than some of the crap I’ve tasted in other cities.
  3. Life Imitating Art, Perez Hilton. Amy Poehler and Will Arnett are pregnant. Can they be my parents instead? Seriously. They’d make such cool parents! They’re up there right alongside Randy Marsh in my book.
  4. Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher had drunken space sex, The Superficial. Han Solo and Princess Leia really did hook up! Sweet…
  5. 5 Superhero (and Supervillian) Origins, Mental Floss Blog. Who knew that Lex Luthor lost his hair in a freak chemical plant explosion?
  6. Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software, Lifehacker. A must-read for any Windows users…and I wholeheartedly agree with most of the suggestions!
  7. Tiny Lego Men Assist in iPhone Unboxing, Wired Gadget Lab. It is my theory that all (girl) geeks must get their panties wet when viewing unboxing pictures of the best and latest gadgets. Add tiny Lego figures? The floodgates have opened!
  8. Slide to Unlock Tee: Not the Way to Declare Your Girl Geekery, Geeksugar. I generally don’t like gadget/technology sites geared for women because I find them misinformed, demeaning, and oftentimes mocking us true geeks via pink, “form over function” materials. This site is one of them. However, I subscribe just in case there is something that pops up…and this week there was! This t-shirt from ThinkGeek is just fantabulous. Me must have. And no, I don’t find it insulting. I figure that 99.8% of men check out all women’s bewbs anyway, so why not keep them entertained?
  9. WWW domain country codes of the world, Boing Boing. Another perfect blend of design and geekery! I am very tempted to purchase a copy…
  10. What makes a design “Googley”? The Official Google Blog. I found this a great read, because not only does it pertain to web development and design, it also applies to business models and life as

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