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Honeymoon Days 4-5: Mykonos

Our second day in Mykonos was a beautiful, sunny day. After a small breakfast we laid out by the pool and actually got some sun. Afterwards we decided to take the hotel shuttle into town.

Mykonos is a very windy island, and since the main town sits right along the harbor, the small winding streets are subject to many unpredictable and powerful drafts. For this reason, it is advisable not to wear dresses or skirts when walking around town. I repeat: DO NOT WEAR DRESSES OR SKIRTS when walking around Mykonos. Because it was a sunny day, I foolishly wore a skirt and ended up flashing many locals and delighted Japanese tourists. J was no help at all; all he would say whenever a gust of wind lifted up my skirt was “Nice” or “That’s hot.”

Our second day at Mykonos was disappointing. We woke up to the sound of window shutters banging against the building, and the crazy wind remained for the remainder of the day. I used to get scared when living by myself on the 17th floor of a high-rise apartment building in Baltimore because the wind was so terrifyingly noisy. Well, the wind at Mykonos was a lot worse. It knocked over umbrellas, tables, and chairs…even the hotel staff opted to stay indoors. A couple of them actually apologized, saying the wind was unusually strong that day.

We ended up spending the majority of the day in our room sleeping, watching reruns of South Park and The Office on my laptop, and playing high-low (yes, very classy for a honeymoon):

(The hot pink playing cards are courtesy of my sister who packed it in the awesome “Honeymoon Kit” she assembled for us)

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