May 8, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

I apologize for the lack of updates. Moving is a bitch, and moving while setting up a brand new place (and assembling furniture) is even worse. As of today, I’m happy to say that our place is finally starting to look like a home and less like a tornado-terrorized warehouse.

  1. Ten Days in the Life of a Tampon, Jezebel. The most disgusting story I’ve read in a really, really long time. Oh the joys of womanhood.
  2. University of California, Berkeley Marching Band Does Nintendo Themed Halftime Show, Geekologie. Duude. Duuuuuude. I totally would’ve joined a marching band (and play a…triangle?) for this honor.
  3. Hacking Canon Point-and-Shoot Cameras, Slashdot. Although I have a love-hate relationship with Canon, I have to admit that they make some of the best point-and-shoot cameras out there. I wish I still had one so I can try these cool hacks!
  4. Is IKEA the World’s Largest Charity? Mental Floss Blog. This article came just in time. I had been wrestling with IKEA furniture for the past week, and it hasn’t been pretty (I usually LOVE assembling furniture but when you have 30+ boxes of the damn stuff, it starts to get to you). From what I gather, it seems that the honchos at IKEA are just f*cking brilliant when it comes to jumping through loopholes.
  5. Geek Flowchart from The New York Times, Geekologie. I have a confession to make. I have never played Dungeons & Dragons. I don’t watch Battlestar Galactica either. Sob! I hide in shame…
  6. The Complete Guide to The Moleskine, Lifehacker. I’ve had several different PDAs in my geek life, but at the end, I decided to sever my relationship with the digital and go manual, with Moleskines. They are seriously the best things ever, don’t you agree? And, although I’m not a tourist, I like the New York city book the best, because you never know when you need a map or two. The tabbed sections are also great for keeping track of new restaurants, bars/lounges, wine, etc.
  7. Holy Crap: MacGyver Blockbuster Film Coming! Gizmodo. I used to watch MacGyver every day. I used to envy the way he can fashion nuclear devices out of rocks and paper clips. And, as every geeky girl should, I had the biggest crush on him. I can’t wait for the movie!
  8. How to Fit a Mansion’s Worth of Crap Into Your Tiny Apartment, Gizmodo. I’ve seen most of these on design sites before, but man oh man…don’t you just love creative solutions to real-life problems? Not to mention, they look hot too.
  9. Freakanomics in The Time Magazine: Hoop Data Dreams, Freakonomics. Data and statistical analysis for basketball. I love it. (And I’m rooting for the Celts to go all the way this year!)
  10. Taxes, Warren Buffet, and Paying My Fair Share, Freakonomics. To quote Rachel from Friends when she received her first paycheck, “Who is FICA and why is he taking all my money?” I have to admit I was pretty angry when, after doing my taxes last month, I calculated that the government took more than 31% of my paycheck…and I still owed them $400! In the same boat as me? This article will get you more depressed.

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