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Wedding Pictures Preview

Our wedding photographer, Danny Weiss, sent over some teaser pictures last night. I’m so happy that the photographers I originally wanted were all booked on the day of our wedding, because it lead us to Danny (he was a referral from one of the pre-booked photographers). Not only is Danny immensely talented, his enthusiasm and relentless energy just shines through all his photographs. I can’t wait to see the rest of the photos.

Me getting ready:

You can hardly tell from this picture but I was only wearing undergarments!

J tying his bowtie, which he had practiced all week:

I love how his image is crisply reflected in the mirror as one small portion of the entire photo, the rest of which is blurry but still radiates energy.

My bridesmaids lacing up the back of the dress while I cackle like a witch:

Lacing up the dress took forever! I slightly felt like Scarlett O’Hara as they tightened my corset. Thanks for the great job ladies, my waist looked TINY that day.

Tea for the Chinese Tea Ceremony:

I love everything about this photo: the colors, the composition, the focus…everything!

Kneeling at attention during the tea ceremony:

It was was major PITA (and a bit dangerous too) to kneel in my skintight qipao, but luckily we only had to do it once. Once down, we remained there as the adults took their turns in the chairs in front of us. 

Gold bracelets and red packets:

After a while, I thought my wrists were gonna fall off from all the bracelets. 

The bridal party:

Danny doesn’t do many posed shots, but a picture of the entire bridal party is required, no? (We didn’t have a flower girl or ring bearer) 

Hanging out and goofing around:

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were left to entertain themselves while Danny whisked J and I off to take some private shots. Aren’t my girls gorgeous? 

Spring, in all its glory:

I love this photo! We couldn’t have asked for better weather on our wedding day: April 18th was bright and sunny with a high of 83 degrees…which, at the time, was the warmest day of the year! The cherry blossoms were in full bloom and so I specifically chose
The Pond at Central Park
for our photo location. 

Strolling along The Pond:

Another reason I chose The Pond: the landmark 5th Ave buildings that surround it. 

Against the brick wall:

We came across a tunnel with some spectacularly old, textured brick walls. 

Stealing a kiss:

On our way back to the limo to meet our bridal party, J leaned in for a smooch. 

Leaving the park:

I love this shot! 

Walking down the aisle:

One of the most memorable moments of the night: there was a collective gasp as the doors opened and I entered the chapel. 

What waits at the end of the aisle:

J looks very happy to see me. 

The ceremony:

I don’t care for flowers much, so I asked for the cheapest…and luckily it didn’t look too bad. In order to save money, we had the centerpieces for the reception used for the ceremony as well. Yep, that’s our centerpiece you see up there.

Parents of the bride:

I love the colors in this picture: the blues of the background with the various warm hues of my mother and my aunts’ hanboks

You may now kiss the bride:

Our pastor always delivers amazing sermons, and we were so lucky and blessed to have him be ordained this past October and be the first wedding he officiated. 

Our first dance:

How did Danny manage to take the picture at the exact moment that another flash went off? How did know to position himself so that the flash is located where J and my hands meet? He’s a genius! 

Ending the first dance with a low dip and a kiss:

J and I decided to go along with my mother’s wishes and chose to do a choreographed routine for our first dance, to Michael Buble’s “For Once in My Life.” I wanted the Stevie Wonder version more since it’s more fun and more “us,” but the beat was a bit too fast for my big poofy gown. (Again, notice the timing and placement of the flashbulb…genius!) 

Getting a sneak peak:

J’s uncle interrupts our dancing to show us a shot he managed to capture. 

Shaking my booty with my aunt:

I danced so, so much that night…while wearing my 5″ heels! The next day’s pain was worth it – I had a blast. Apparently, my mother said of me, “I never knew my daughter could dance.” 

Adults have fun too:

My parents’ friends can be real party animals. (I’m 100% serious here…they go out more than me!) 

More partying:

It was very, very important to me that the guests have fun at the wedding…and I’m so happy they did. 

One last kiss:

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