May 29, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

I’m sorry about the lack of updates. This past weekend I took a trip to the unknown wilderness known as the Pennsylvania Poconos (with…*gasp* no internet access!) for a mini-reunion with some old friends. I returned Monday feeling absolutely shiesty…and I’ve been bed-ridden ever since. But alas, here they are, my favorite articles for the past week:

  1. Guitar Hero World Tour Debuted, Engadget. The full-band version of Guitar Hero looks a lot like Rock Star, but I’m crossing my fingers that Activision put a bit more finesse to it. The best part of this intro video has to be the people involved: Paul Abdul judges, while Tony Hawk and Brody Jenner play the two guitar parts.
  2. Discovery Channel Slideshow of a Young Gates, Jobs, Woz, End User. Pretty cool if you’re into computing history like me (and actually liked the TNT movie Pirates of Silicon Valley).
  3. Mashed Frontier Airline Safety Rules, Boing Boing. I actually LOLed while going through this list.
  4. Nokia E71 Review, Boy Genius Report. I still have a fondness for Nokia phones…after all, who can forget the 3200 and 6100 series, the first cellular phone for many people of my generation? BGR declares the E71 “the best phone Nokia has made to date.” Go read the review and drool over the pictures and specs as I have.
  5. Starting Salaries but New York Tastes, NYTimes. An homage to the young generation of New Yorkers whose salaries are below the six-figure mark. Yep, I too can be living the high life if I didn’t live in the NYC region.
  6. The Original Indiana Jones, Neatorama. Have you seen the new Indy flick yet? It’s entertaining, but not too great. Now read about the inspiration for the character – a Nazi archaeologist!
  7. Apple Receives 188 Mysterious Cargo Containers: 3G iPhones, New MacBooks or the Finest Colombian Snow? Gizmodo. I’m pretty sure they’re the new iPhones, to be debuted at WWDC. What do you think?
  8. MacHEADS: The Movie Interview, Gizmodo. I’m definitely going to watch this movie. It reminds me of my favorite coffee table book, The Cult of Mac, which I purchased shortly after buying my first Apple computer.
  9. The Secret History of Star Wars, Slashdot. I actually downloaded this book in PDF format and started reading it. Some of it was not surprising; after all, I had written a 20-page paper on Star Wars and the impact it had on American culture. Nonetheless, it’s a must-read for any Star Wars fans.
  10. He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died, Mental Floss Blog. I was reminded of Project 365, which I started a few years ago and eventually stopped. Some of the photos are a bit eerie and creepy, but still interesting and captivating.

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