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My Wedding, In Retrospect

I first starting blogging in 2001 and have had several blogs since then. (Although Geek in Heels is only 3 months old I’ve transferred some of my favorite posts from those blogs to the archives.) When I got engaged I naturally started a wedding planning blog and was delighted to be accepted as a blogger on one of the largest and best-known wedding blogs in the U.S. – Weddingbee.

Due to its immense popularity, I sometimes get recognized on the streets. Once in a while, I meet new people and they exclaim, “I know you – you’re on Weddingbee!”

Thus, I think it would be safe to say that my internet identity is mostly tied in with my wedding, which occurred 1.5 months ago.

I personally find this pretty amusing, especially since the wedding did not wholly represent my tastes and personality.

When I mentioned this topic to a friend, she protested, “But why? Your wedding was so beautiful and everyone had such a great time. It was a fairtytale wedding!”

I do not dispute this statement – it really did seem like a fairytale wedding, complete with a tiara on my head.

However, I have to admit that in real life I’m a lot more, for a lack of a better word, ghetto.

If I weren’t so hell-bent on trying to please the ‘rents, if I had the time (and money), if I could do it all over again…it would’ve been completely different.

A NY loft. No or very little flowers – I don’t care for them much anyway. I would’ve found creative ways to incorporate all the little things that I treasure in life: computers, gadgets, art, food, and beer. Maybe a Wii station in one corner. Karaoke in another? BBQ – a must. And I would’ve worn a dress comfortable enough to bust out my amazing DDR moves.

It doesn’t sound like a wedding much, does it? Well, it would’ve been one heck of a party nonetheless.

But the day has come and gone, and although it didn’t represent the true Geek in Heels, I was happy about it. I was happier still to see that our guests had fun, which, I believe, is essential to any sort of celebration.

Why the sudden wedding-related post? Because tonight, I will be reliving the memories. J and I are being interviewed for a new (small) television show which showcases weddings and wedding-planning tips.

I’ve never been on TV before, and I’m pretty camera shy. However, I think this will be a memorable experience so I’m pretty excited.

If you want to see me on TV and live in the NY/NJ area (and have cable) let me know and I’ll tell you when it will air.

Wish me luck tonight!

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