Jun 4, 2008  •  In Thursday Geek-isms

Hump Day Hook-Ups

Between suffering from a cold (in June!), working on a new website (to be unveiled soon), and checking out Plurk (check me out here), yours truly has been tremendously busy in the past week. But here they are – my favorite web items of the week!

  1. Battle of the best: Which prevails – Lakers’ offense or Celtics’ defense? ESPN. I called it three months ago – LA and Boston to the finals. Game 1 tomorrow night! Go Celts!!! According to this article, history slightly favors the defense….what do you think?
  2. America’s Top 20 Time-Draining Airports, Consumerist. Numbers 2, 3, and 4 are the three major NY airports. And yes, whenever I fly into Chicago or have a layover there I run into delays. And you wonder why I hate flying. Where does your local airport rank?
  3. Prom Night for the Privileged, Gothamist. The top 6 private high schools in NYC are having a joint prom at the Waldorf Starlight Room. The after party is so exclusive that half the seniors are on a waiting list. Oh, the pitfalls of being rich…
  4. Five Secret Japanese Secrets to Make Life Better, Lifehacker. Pretty neat stuff, if I do say so myself. I need to try the salt-on-egg trick the next time I make a mess in the kitchen.
  5. GraphicLeftovers Monetizes Unwanted Designs, Mashable. I have a confession to make. Sometimes, if I’m too lazy to start an illustration from scratch, I buy a simple design from iStockPhoto and start from there. GraphicLeftovers seems more specific to my needs, and I may even participate as a designer later down the road!
  6. Japanese Game Show “Hole in the Wall” Coming to America, Neatorama. Have you seen clips of this show on YouTube? (If you haven’t, search for “Japanese Human Tetris”) It’s hilarious! Now, the US version will most likely be nowhere as funny as the original, but I’m still forward to its release.
  7. Me.com Could Be Apple’s Rebranded .Mac Site, Gizmodo. I personally don’t use .Mac myself but I’m intrigued to how the improved version will work.
  8. Richer than Rockefeller: Putting Wealth in Perspective, Getting Rich Slowly. I loved reading this – you will too.
  9. Problems at the Gates? RFID-Enabled Tix to Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies to Include Passport Data, Wired Gadget Lab. Big Brother’s watching you!
  10. Geek Gang Signs, Neatorama. Giggle, giggle, snort snort! Love it!

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