Jun 26, 2008  •  In Personal

“It’s not a tu-muh!”

After my visit to the doctor yesterday my symptoms seemed to get a bit worse. It was most likely all psychosomatic from thinking about it so much, and the hypochondriac’s heaven that is the internet didn’t help at all.

As soon as I got home the accumulated mental exhaustion swept over me and I took a deep nap. J came home with dinner and forced me to eat (I still have no taste on the left side of my tongue and everything tastes a bit funny).

With renewed energy from the food, I began to freak out again.

“I’m pretty sure it’s Bell’s palsy. It’s temporary in most cases, so that’s good. Gawd I hope it’s not Lyme disease…did you know that more than one in four people never get a rash? I have been very tired lately…is it Lyme disease? There’s still a chance that it can be a brain tumor…WHAT IF IT’S A BRAIN TUMOR?!?”

After a bit, J began to get agitated and pretty annoyed with me. He then proceeded to pull an Ah-nold:

“It’s not a tu-muh!!!”

He then sent me straight to bed and refused to let me use my laptop. Bastard. (Hence the no Hump Day Hook-Up post yesterday)

Today my symptoms seemed to have plateaued. At least they didn’t get worse. Thank you for all the messages and wishes (especially Erik, who left me a very encouraging comment!). You’ve all been very encouraging and helpful…except for the one idiot who asked me if I looked like Sloth from The Goonies:

Hardy har har! Very funny! I hate you.

I actually look pretty normal (I think). It’s not a complete paralysis – I haven’t lost total control over my left facial muscles, just some. It’s only when I smile or talk animatedly that you can see a difference. Here’s a shot I took just now with my camera phone:

Crooked smile. One eye just slightly drooping. That’s it.

Other than that, I just have to keep taking my steroids (hmm will I get really buff if I work out?) and be extra careful when eating and drinking so I don’t look like a total R-tard.

I’ll try to write a belated Hook-Ups post later today.

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