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Our Baby, the Fashion Plate

I have never been one to play dress-up as a little girl, or even have dolls as a kid, so dressing up our baby girl is not something I anticipate with glee.

(If anything, I think that J is looking forward to it much more than I. He is a full-on metrosexual who loves to shop while I hate the mere idea of clothes shopping.)

And while I have given J full permission to turn our daughter into a tomboy, I still sometimes feel sorry for our little girl whose mother despises shopping. Sure, there have been times when I spot a particularly cute/geeky outfit (like the Star Wars “My Dad Is Awesome” onesie I purchased for the baby early in the pregnancy) and I become tempted to buy it. But more often than not, I will end up balking at the price as I wonder to myself, ‘Just how many outfits does a baby really NEED? Don’t they grow out of everything really fast?’ and pass it over.

Luckily, we have been blessed by wonderful family members and friends who have been purchasing adorable clothes for our girl since day one. One of J’s friends even donated a HUGE box of very gently-worn baby clothes. So earlier this week, as I started to wash all the clothes in preparation for the baby’s arrival, I couldn’t believe that I had to do FOUR FULL loads of laundry. (And keep in mind that these are baby clothes, so they take up considerably less volume than adult items.) The large six-drawer dresser in the nursery is now filled to the brim, and the closet is half-full with teeny tiny dresses, jumpers, and jackets.

I’m pretty sure that the baby now has more clothes than me.

And thankfully, we won’t need to buy any clothes for the little one for at least the first six months of her life.

That being said, I could not pass up this outfit I stumbled upon during our last trip to BuyBuyBaby:

Many moms make big deals out of their babies’ take-home outfits (the outfit that the child will wear as you bring him/her home from the hospital) and I had just figured that I can grab one of the many items that people had bought for us. However, seeing this outfit out on display, touching the softness of the fabric and the quality of the materials, I knew that I had to have it as our baby’s take-home outfit.

J loves it too — he laughed when he first saw it and said that it looks like a kung fu ensemble. My mother was concerned that the trim may be too scratchy, but touching the soft material eased her qualms. And while the label may state the size as “3 months,” it seems to run very small and is comparable to the newborn sizes we have in our possession.

This take-home outside completes our hospital bag. When it’s time to head to the hospital, all we need to do is grab the few items we still use every day (such as toiletries), throw them into the bag and head off.

We’re all ready for you, baby. Come out whenever you’re ready…

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2 Responses to “Our Baby, the Fashion Plate”

  1. Vir says:

    Love it. I still have k's first outfit, also a last minute purchase. I've put herhotter outgrown clothes away but that outfit — I can't get myself to stash it away just yet!

  2. Cyndi says:

    Ainsley definitely has waaay more clothes then both Jin and i combined!!! I was lucky enough to have a coworker donate 8 BAG!!! of clothes from sizes NB to 24 months..Plus, i got clothes from my niece..Unlike you though, i LOVE to shop so it has been REALLY hard for me to pass the baby clothes section while i am at stores..I know we are lucky to not have to buy clothes but i get sad that i can't buy a lot of stuff

    Oh well, i still have holidays, right?

    GL! You are really close..Love the coming home outfit!!! A's was a true NB size and it was still swimming on her 😉

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