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Quite Possibly the Highest Ever Scoring “Words With Friends” Move


Your move, MansieSeds.

Via BuzzFeed.

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9 Responses to “Quite Possibly the Highest Ever Scoring “Words With Friends” Move”

  1. LatteLove says:

    wow. i bow to that greatness.

  2. Not to be cynical…looks faked to me. Only because they used 7 letter to make the word, with 2 left over, and you only ever have 7 to use. Other than that, I’m sure that’s possible if the Words with Friends gods align everything 🙂

    • hhmm says:

      well i never played that, but at the bottom it says “0 letters remain”, so im guessing theres 2 last left on his rack and its near the end of the game.

  3. Michelle says:

    Nicole, I think this screenshot is from the other player’s phone. Manmundine12 played CONCEPTUALIZING, and now it is the start of MansieSeds’ turn (note the arrow is by the second name). MansieSeds only has two tiles to play with because the game is almost over and there aren’t any tiles left in the pot.

    I agree that this is probably the best Words With Friends play ever!

  4. patrick says:

    This is fake.
    1) The value would actually be 1472.
    2) In order for this to occur in an actual game the players would have had to ignore several large point words

    • Bruna says:

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  5. DejMar says:

    The triple-triple-triple would score 1472, if not for a blank or two played in one of the crosswords. There are seven R’s visible, thus one of the blanks would be an R. An R would account for one point, if it were the one in CROWDY, or two points, if it were the R in UPRAISED. The other blank must then be a two or one point tile that appears in one of the non-tripled crosswords. Thus the 1469 score for CONCEPTULIZING is not an
    If not for any discrepency, the last possible play that could have been made that would leave two tiles on
    the opponent’s rack would have been a 5-tile play. Given the board, the only possible play that could have been made prior would be QUITS, hooked onto RAD to form TRAD.
    Still, a discrepency does appear on the board. There are ninety-five tiles on the board and two on the rack. The seven tiles that are missing are BEFTVV and the tile congruent to that represented by the other blank (i.e, one of the following: ADEINORST).
    To summarize, this contrived high-score is NOT ‘Quite Possibly the Highest Ever Scoring “Words With Friends” Move’. (For a contrived play, I have a 1685 solution).

  6. DejMar says:

    Missing from my summary is that it should be an impossibility for the seven tiles to be missing from the board, given one player just played seven tiles and the opponent has two. Of course there are other possibilities, one being that the “Words With Friends” app might have “discarded” these tiles due to a bug. Still, it is more likely that the game was hacked.

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