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So I Guess This Is My Version of a Birth Plan…

I never intended on writing out a birth plan. I know some women go all-out and prepare pages-long documents full of their wishes, desires, and “what-if” scenarios regarding the birth of their children (one doctor friend even told me about a birth plan that filled an entire binder, complete with a table of contents), but I know that ANYTHING can happen during birth. And by my meticulously writing out a birth plan — keeping my type-A personality in mind — I will most likely become upset if everything doesn’t go as I intended. As such, I have been reading and researching and have a very loose, general idea of what I would PREFER, but I do not have anything set in stone.

I think that the best advice I have been given about giving birth and becoming a new mother was, “Be prepared for anything…but also be ready to throw everything that you’ve been told out the window.”

My desires for this birth are simple:

  • I would like to avoid a c-section as much as possible
  • I would like to avoid being induced (as being induced greatly increases your likelihood of needing a c-section)
  • I would like to wait as long as I can before receiving an epidural, and have the dosage be lowered when it comes time to push
  • I only want J in the room (aside from medical professionals) when it comes time to push

That’s it.

Luckily, my OB practice is very conservative when it comes to inducing, interventions, and such. They will not induce me until I am at least 41 weeks along. They will not push procedures on me unless they felt that it is medically necessary. And I know that they will not recommend a c-section unless the baby’s (or my) life is in danger.

Heck, I still have yet to receive a cervical check and I am 38 weeks along! So as of this point I still have no idea if I am dilated or effaced. When I asked about this at my last appointment, the doctor told me that there is no medical need to have cervical checks (which many women find uncomfortable) when there exists no complications — a woman can stay 4cm dilated for weeks and still have nothing happen, or she may not be dilated at all and go into full-blown labor within a matter of hours.

There are now less than two weeks left until my due date. I’m starting to become extremely uncomfortable and can certainly understand how some women beg to be induced early. However, I want the baby to come when she’s ready, not when it is convenient for me or my doctors.

That being said, this Thursday is the full moon…will it happen soon?

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5 Responses to “So I Guess This Is My Version of a Birth Plan…”

  1. Eileen says:

    sounds like a very reasonable plan to me, as someone with no expertise whatsoever. I have a doctor friend working in ob/gyn who has said "the longer the birth plan, the higher the probability of a c section" ~ ha.

  2. Mary says:

    No need to get your cervix checked. It was traumatizing for me because I had a Manly hand female obgyn check me during labor and she didn't give me a chance to mentally prepare myself. The day that I was supposed to get my cervix checked by my regular ob/gyn was the day that L was born.

  3. Susan says:

    I think you have the right idea. The more plans you have, the more the baby will have the complete opposite plans! It's been so great to read about your journey. Almost there!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Sounds like the perfect plan -I am like you, if I write out all the details of what I want to happen, I will get too attached and then be traumatized when it doesn't happen that way. No need to put yourself through that. Also, your doctor sounds AWESOME!!! Sending you prayers and wishes for a healthy, easy, natural birth! 🙂

  5. Austyn says:

    Your wishes seem very close to mine, and your plan seems very reasonable. I hope your little girl comes soon because you are so uncomfortable, and I applaud you for not seeking an induction. It has been really neat to read about your pregnancy, and I wish you the best for your upcoming delivery ;o)

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