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Social Media Timeline

I used to be pretty active on several social media outlets. But lately the consistent chatter, as well as the time and energy needed to devote oneself fully to each site, has worn me out.

These days I limit myself to Facebook and Twitter. And even Twitter has started to go ignored since Facebook released its comment feature.

If I share something on Facebook, do I share it on Twitter too?

What about those who are my Facebook friends and follow my tweets?

(Because I get confused as to whether to comment/reply to one’s Facebook, Twitter, or blog when they’re all talking about the same thing. Most of the time I end up not commenting at all because I can’t decide.)

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

This chart is a bit outdated (ie, Facebook has surpassed 350,000,000 users) but you get the idea. Now excuse me while I go disable my Facebook account again in hopes of regaining some semblance of a life, only to return in less than 12 hours because I NEED to tell my Facebook friends that my dog is snoring too loud.

(via Gizmodo)

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2 Responses to “Social Media Timeline”

  1. Jenna says: is AWESOME. Husband liked this chart so much that he wants to know if their is a website out there that will alert you to the latest up and coming sites. Do you know of anything like that?

  2. Geek in Heels says:

    Jenna, the biggest and most popular site for announcing, reviewing, and discussing new startups (as well as the web companies in general) is probably TechCrunch.

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