How Donuts Help Us Understand Social Media

Ed. note: It has come to my attention that the content for the image below already exists. I had seen the Google+ one from a Google+ post, was immediately reminded of the “How Pee Helps Us Understand Social Media” graphic, and made this, further inspired by the comments on the Google+ thread. (I have not seen the Instagram version since I am an Android user and do not have an Instagram account.) As a result, I have decided to remove my URL from the bottom of this image, but will keep this up with the Istagram picture linked: I hope that this is a satisfactory compromise for those who believe this is straight plagirism.

Last year, I had shared a small graphic which explained how pee helps us undertand social media.

Today, I’ve decided to create my own with a more current list of popular social media…this time, with donuts! (Because who doesn’t love donuts?) Enjoy! 


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9 Responses to “How Donuts Help Us Understand Social Media”

  1. Jeannie says:

    I saw something very similar on instagram over the weekend, you guys totally have ESP 🙂

  2. Ava says:

    I am disappointed that you are claiming this as your own, when it’s not.

    • Actually, I had only seen the last Google+ one on Google+ and I had decided to expand based on a couple of the comments, especially since it immediately reminded me of the pee one I posted last year. I don’t even have an Instagram account because I’m an Android user. I’m sorry if I should have credited the Google+ thread, but the profile was marked private. I guess this goes to show that practically everything on the net these days is an idea upon another idea.

  3. D says:

    Jenny, I love your blog….but I’ve seen almost this exact list all over Pinterest and Facebook in the last week. Even if this is your original work, it doesn’t look good 🙁

    • I know, it’s not looking good. 🙁 It sucks, because I really never saw that Instagram picture and the graphic really was inspired by comments on a Google+ thread I saw. I’ve decided to add a disclaimer to the beginning of this post (with the Instagram picture linked), and removed my URL from the bottom of the image. I hope that’s a good compromise — please let me know otherwise.

  4. Tiffany says:

    I’m sure you honestly had no idea how widely distributed this had become when you put it together. It is really similar to what you put together almost a year ago. I was surprised to see it on here as your own though. I had already seen it several times on Facebook and even had it emailed to me (I am not on Instagram either). I’m curious what thread you saw on Google+ that made you feel like you should create this. It wasn’t the picture?

    • Nope it wasn’t the picture — yesterday was my very first time seeing it! (I’m actually not on FB, Pinterest, Twitter, etc much anymore. I log in to share stuff but and quickly browse the first few posts I see, but then I have to log right back out.) The Google+ thread said something like, “How donuts explain social media: Google+ –> ‘I’m a Google employee who eats donuts’.” Then people started commenting with more examples. In hindsight, they all probably already saw the picture being passed around and was commenting about it. I can try to get a screenshot of the thread later, but little miss Aerin just woke up and I have to go to her now!

      P.S. — I didn’t make the pee one. I found it somewhere (I think Gizmodo?) and I linked to it at the bottom of the post, like I do with everything else I share on this blog that I find elsewhere.

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