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Panem’s 13 Districts Visualized [More “Hunger Games” Pr0n]

A fanatical Hunger Games fan by the name of V. Arrow has thoughtfully and carefully put together a map of Panem’s 13 districts, taking into account all historical accounts from the books, and merging what has been revealed about each district with the typography and natural resources of North America.

Click on over to aimmyarrowshigh’s LiveJournal, where she details the reasonings and processes that went into developing this magnificent map.

She also has a small FAQ section which answers, “Why don’t you leave big blank spaces of empty land between the Districts? What about the Wilderness?” and “Y U NO HAVE MORE OF CANADA AND MEXICO?” 🙂

Via Nerd Approved.

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2 Responses to “Panem’s 13 Districts Visualized [More “Hunger Games” Pr0n]”

  1. Carol says:

    Lol, we posted about the same thing at the same time. Btw, I can’t read your blog anymore at work 🙁 Must be all the porn.

  2. Awww great. I live in District 6. “D6 works closely with the Capitol in the research and manufacture of drugs (morphling, medicines). It likely has close ties to D5 in the production of mutts.” I wanted something fancier like District 3.

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