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The Divine Project

To all my readers using WordPress: have you heard of Divine? It is a newly released tool/plugin that lets you create websites from Photoshop to WordPress in just 5 minutes…

…for free.

The Divine website explains that you can convert any Photoshop design to a WordPress theme in just four simple steps:

  1. Open your design in Photoshop and launch Divine
  2. Assign all WordPress elements in turns
  3. Specify FTP parameters and upload your theme to the web
  4. Check the site in a browser

As expected, the Divine website features tutorials, videos, and forums.

I currently host this blog on Squarespace and I love it. However, as a web developer/designer I am familiar with, and presently work with other CMS such as WordPress and Joomla. And as someone who has a toe in the vast pool of internet marketing, I can’t deny that WordPress is the most popular blog platform out there.

I will definitely download Divine and tinker around with it…perhaps even use it for my next WordPress project. In the meantime, I would love to hear from current users of this nifty tool!

Via SmashingApps.

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One Response to “The Divine Project”

  1. This is really a nice piece of software and definitely delivers. Once you get the hang of it you can whip out a theme in no time.

    But for more complex designs and themes that require additional functionality, its always best to use a service or manually code it yourself.

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