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Thursday Geek-isms

When I was in college, I used to download new Korean songs every day. Now, I barely have time to check the Korean charts, let alone look for the mp3s and organize them. Nonetheless, I still have a very healthy Korean music collection that I play quite often, so I guess it’s been rubbing off on my Chinese husband.

J now knows more about popular Korean songs, downloads them, and listens to Korean music more than I! He even sings along to some of the songs. Of course, he has no idea what he’s singing about (it’s more like mimicking the sounds), but it’s still pretty startling.

He has a plugin installed on his computer that sets his IM status to whatever song he’s playing at that moment. This morning, I had a mini-freak-out when I kept seeing all this Korean under his name – I kept thinking, “Ooh, who is this Korean friend who is playing good Korean music? What?!? That’s can’t be my husband!”

I cook you Korean food, I make you listen to Korean music, and take you to a Korean church. The transformation has begun, and you are well under way. One day, you will give in completely to to dark side! Muhahahaha…

Enjoy the links!

  1. New Final Fantasy XI boss could take 24 hours to kill, Joystiq. The longest I ever spent on a FF boss was a little over 2 hours, and I remember being exhausted afterwards. And pissed. What kind of demented, evil, sick person would design such a program? But now, I can go ahead and shove my complaint up where the sun don’t shine. As J so thoughtfully pointed out, only the WoW guy (the one with no life) in South Park is capable of taking on this boss.
  2. Audi R8 That Would Make James Bond Proud, Geekologie. Sigh. All it’s missing is me. Inside. Workings and soaking in all its awesomeness.
  3. 10 Books on Technology Every Geek Should Read, Neatorama. I hang my head in shame. I do not own any of these titles. I’m not worthy!
  4. Art Imitates Ferris Bueller, Gothamist. The parade scene is one of my favorites from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I’m tempted to volunteer, but I’m not a fan of attending parades. Maybe I’ll pretend to be Ferris’ dad.
  5. The Criterion Collection’s Reference Blu-ray Player: The PlayStation 3, Gizmodo. This confirms it. Don’t get a stand-alone Blu-ray player. Get a PS3 instead. Games and movies!
  6. 6 Reasons Today’s Olympic Swimmers are Breaking so many World Records, Mental Floss Blog. Dude! Have you seen the swimming events? It’s the clajee! Records being trampled every night! I knew that the swimsuits really help cut down resistance, but I had no idea about the others. It’s all physics, my friends.
  7. New Study Suggests That The Pill Could Make You Misread Men, Jezebel. So does this mean that all the men I have been attracted to for the past 5 years (I need to take the pill to control my debilitating, curl-into-a-fetal-position-and-cry cramps) could be a result of the added hormones? If I were off the pill, would I still be attracted to them? Hmm…
  8. The Wii finally gets DVD playback — no thanks to Nintendo,  Engadget. I still don’t understand why Nintendo doesn’t just add DVD compatibility, especially if it’s just a matter of adding some software.
  9. Mio’s Knight Rider GPS Now Available For Pre-Order, Gizmodo. “KITT?” “Yes, Jenny?” “Drive your arse out to the west coast and pick me up some In-and-Out, will ya?” “Certainly, Jenny. How do you want your burger?” Sigh. Wishful thinking.
  10. 7 Reasons “Clone Wars” Will Be Worth Seeing, Mental Floss Blog. Why am I even posting this link? As if I need any further convincing…
  11. The Periodic Table of Awesoments, Miss Cellania. Bacon is #1 and Ninja is #2. Also included: Chuck Norris, Boobs, Jedi, and most importantly, Beer. A must-see.
  12. Western Civilization, You’ve Been Served – Chinese Olympic Opening Ceremony Best Ever, Core77. Despite all the mishaps and controversies revealed this week, that was still a damn good ceremony. (Although the dove BBQ at the Seoul games was pretty dope too.)

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