Aug 20, 2008  •  In Personal

Why I’m Single Again

As a fairly traditional woman, I always knew I would change my name after marriage.

I took a trip down to the local Social Security office this morning to get the ball rollin’ on the name change process. Guess what happened.

Due to a name mix-up, it turns out that our marriage certificate is NOT valid.

We are not legally married.

Awesome. Now I have to go through the long and costly process of having my name legally changed, then the marriage cert corrected.

There has been so many hurdles in the engagement and wedding process that I’m starting to think someone out there doesn’t want us together.

At least we’re trying to see the humor in this. J suggested that we change our relationship status in Facebook from “Married” to “It’s Complicated” to mess with our friends. I sent him this e-card in response:

My girlfriends think that I should throw a “Jenny is single again!” party to commemorate the event. Woohoo! Partayyyy!

Maybe we should just take a weekend trip to Vegas and do a drive-thru wedding there. At least it’ll be legal.

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