Feb 24, 2010  •  In Pregnancy

Week 8

Dear Baby,

I am a few days late posting the weekly update, and I hope that this doesn’t turn into a habit!

I am definitely starting to get a bump and my pants are getting tight around the waist. Ever since seeing you (and hearing you!) your father has become a bit more affectionate — he’s finally started to touch my belly and yells at your older (furry) brother when he jumps on me. When we spoon at night, his hand always manages to find its way to my stomach. And the first thing that he does when he wakes up is to place his hand on my bump to say “good morning.”

Baby, you are now the size of a raspberry. Your arms and legs and waving wildly about as you get used to these strange contraptions that are now dangling from your torso.

Your fingers and toes are webbed, but the twenty digits will separate within the next few weeks. Your tail has just about disappeared, and you are starting to look more and more human (and less like a seahorse) every day.

I still get very scared that you have stopped growing inside of me. They say that pregnant women wish for a window into our abdomen through which we can check on our little one, and I am no exception. I look forward to my next exam on March 5 with fear and anticipation…the days really couldn’t go fast enough!

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