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Week 9

Dear Baby,

You are now officially considered a “fetus” by the medical world. (BTW, I hate that term — it holds an impersonal, medical connotation with me. You’ve been my baby since conception and I will consider you my baby, not fetus.) Your “tail” is now completely gone, and all the basic physical structures are now in place!

Measuring nearly an inch long, you are now about the size of a green olive, or a grape. Your heart has completed dividing into four chambers, and the valves have started to form. Your kidney is functioning now, which means you’ve started urinating!

As for external features, your sex organs are now visible, but will not be distinguishable for another few weeks. Your eyes are fully formed — even your tiny irises — but unfortunately, your eyelids are formed shut and won’t open until you are 27 weeks old. Your nose and ears are developing distinct features too. In fact, your inner ears are already filled with fluid, so you’re starting to gain a sense of balance.

As for me, more pregnancy symptoms have crept into my life within the past week. My breasts are definitely sore, tender, and fuller now. I’m still tired all the time but I have started to pee a lot more too, which means that my days (nights?) of getting a full-night’s sleep is now over. Fortunately my nausea is still minimal and I am able to keep down a full mean without a problem.

My lower stomach is now hard and rounded. I am taking this as a good sign, that you are still growing and doing well in there! Your father loves to put his hand on my stomach, even just to say, “Hi baby!”

I have yet to schedule my NT scan, although my OB recommended I do so at my last appointment. If all goes well Friday, I will call the hospital and do so right away. I will also order a fetal doppler if the appointment on shows no problems — I am too paranoid to just keep waiting and “let it be” until I start feeling you moving!

I can’t wait to see you again on Friday!

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  1. Geek in Heels says:

    @michelle — If you’re subscribing via Google Reader, you can just put in this URL ( and it should subscribe automatically! For other feed readers, the RSS feed is

  2. I am always so amazed at the development of a baby. A very mini little person just growing and growing. I like the size comparison to the raspberry, olive etc.

    Random question, is there a way to subscribe to this part of the blog as well? I’m subscribed to the main part but I don’t get updates on the baby side and I don’t see a way to do that. However, I could be completely missing it as I have not finished my morning coffee.

  3. reila says:

    just saw on geekinheels that you are pregant! congrats and i am so happy for you. i’ve been following you since wedding bee. again congrats to you and your husband!

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