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Safe Deposit Boxes: The New Savings Method?

A few weeks ago I looked into procuring a larger safe deposit box to store our valuables and important documents, and I had a heckuva time finding one!
All the bank branches within a 15-mile radius had waiting lists at least a year long. And the CitiBank in Chinatown where we had been guaranteed a free safe deposit box when we first opened our account just prior to getting married? The waiting list was a staggering 3 YEARS. 
I could only think of two possible reasons for the sudden decrease in safe deposit availabilities:

People are starting to become smarter…

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Advertising Revenue: The First Month

It has been two months since I first decided to start accept advertising on this blog, and just a little over a month since the first ad appeared.
Now, I know that no one likes a braggart. And I am not in any way writing this post as a way to scream, “Look how much money I’m making!”
Rather, I decided to reveal my first month’s advertising revenue (and by that, I mean the first month when the ads first appeared, not when I began accepting ads) solely based on the fact that there are so damn few bloggers who…

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What Costs More in 2011?

Living in an area with fairly good public transportation — in addition to having an infant who does not like car rides much — I hardly ever drive anymore. I even walk to the grocery store, pushing Claire in her stroller (thank goodness our stroller has a huge bottom compartment that fits 5-6 full grocery bags).
So when I took the car out Friday night and saw that I was running dangerously low on gas, I was in for a rude awakening.
$55 for a full tank of gas??!!!
Apparently this wasn’t that bad, either. Friends tell me that gas…

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Guest Post: Baby Budgeting — Milk (And Another Giveaway!)

Here is Donna’s third and final post of her fantastic series on baby budgeting: milk.
Considering how much trouble I am having breastfeeding, I won’t be lying if I were to say that I get very tempted to switch on over to formula. However, I will persevere for the time being and if I do end up going the formula route in the future, this is another post I will have bookmarked.
Donna has also graciously offered to give away a $5 Amazon e-certificate. Just leave a comment to this post by Friday, 11/5/2010 and a winner will be chosen by…