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Honeymoon Days 4-5: Mykonos

Our second day in Mykonos was a beautiful, sunny day. After a small breakfast we laid out by the pool and actually got some sun. Afterwards we decided to take the hotel shuttle into town. Mykonos is a very windy island, and since the main town sits right along the harbor, the small winding streets are subject to […]

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Honeymoon Day 3: Mykonos

We got up bright and early on Day 3 to catch a flight to Mykonos (our travel agency recommended air travel since ferries from Athens to Mykonos aren’t very reliable). After a delicious breakfast, we headed to the airport to find…a tiny, dinky plane. We joked that if the plane crashes, at least we’ll die happy on our honeymoon. […]

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Honeymoon Day 2: Athens

What’s a visit to Greece without a tour of some of the world’s oldest treasures? Luckily, one of J’s friends from college is currently working as an archeologist (!) in Athens, so she took a day off to show us around the historic sites. We were able to squeeze in the Acropolis, Agora, and Kerameikos. (I was a […]

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Hump Day Hook-Ups

I’m currently sitting at Athens Airport waiting for my flight to Mykonos so I have some extra time. You didn’t think I’d neglect a weekly feature just because I’m on my honeymoon, did you? 😉 Flashback: What the World Was Like When the First iPod Was Released, Wired Gadget Lab. I have a 5-year old 3rd generation […]

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Honeymoon Day 1: Athens

Greece is amazing! I’ll try not to go into too much detail so please forgive me if start to ramble. (Click on the thumbnails to view the full gallery) Getting There: We arrived at the hotel a full 4 hours before check-in, so we had to wait a bit at the hotel bar. However, the room was […]

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We’re Married!

We’re leaving for the airport in an hour, but I’ll continue to keep updating in Greece! You may also like: 15 Years Ago Today… More Technical Issues… Chirp, Chirp Baby Fever

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I am…

I am… I will be… I am getting married today. You may also like: 15 Years Ago Today… More Technical Issues… Chirp, Chirp Baby Fever

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Back in college I went through a dark period of constant despair, suicidal thoughts, and even self-mutilation. A good friend urged me to seek treatment, and I reluctantly did. I was diagnosed with major depression, took a medical leave of absence from school, and was treated with psychotherapy and medications for the next few years. So when […]

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Hump Day Hook-Ups

I’ve been reading so many interesting things this past week that it was quite difficult to choose just ten…so I decided to be a bad girl and upped it to twelve. Enjoy! Keep It Simple, Stupid: Why Gadgets Should Have Less Features, Not More, Wired: Gadget Lab. Hear, hear! Exactly what I’ve been advocating for the past […]

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Fonts & Web Design

In my last post, I talked about the power of a typeface and the impact it can have on your audience. Today, I will discuss the role and proper usage of fonts in web design. Let’s start with the basics. Fonts can be divided into two categories: serif and sans serif. To put it simply, serif […]