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Hump Day Hook-Ups

I’ve been reading so many interesting things this past week that it was quite difficult to choose just ten…so I decided to be a bad girl and upped it to twelve. Enjoy!

  1. Keep It Simple, Stupid: Why Gadgets Should Have Less Features, Not More, Wired: Gadget Lab. Hear, hear! Exactly what I’ve been advocating for the past decade.
  2. Isiah Thomas’s New York Knicks Are the Worst Team in the History of Professional Sports, New York Magazine. At first I was angered. Then I was sad. Now I’m optimistic. Because at this point, there really isn’t anywhere to go but up.
  3. Texans Build World’s Most Powerful Laser, Wired: Science. Lasers. (Smile) POWERFUL lasers. (Goofy grin) Sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads! (Evil laughter) Okay, so that last part was unnecessary. But this is still pretty geekalicious news.
  4. Cheap Chinese Electronics May Not Be So Cheap Anymore, Gizmodo. I always said China will take over the world some day. (Why else would I be marrying a Chinese dude?) Can you imagine how powerful China would be if their electronics reach the status of those made in Japan?
  5. And This Is How You Do a Loft, Ikea Hacker. One of the best designed and well-utilized Ikea hacks I’ve seen in a while. Oh Ikea, how I heart thee. God bless the Swedes.
  6. 10 Cool Gadgets You Can’t Get Here, Slashdot. Sometimes I really hate living in the US.
  7. GTA IV ‘better than all the hype suggests’ according to first person to complete the game, Joystiq. I had been intrigued by the newest GTA ever since it was announced and stirred up some good controversy. According to this review, this particular GTA “‘craps on all the others’ in the franchise.”
  8. First Look at Renovated Madison Square Garden, Curbed. I’m not sure how I feel about the renovations since my office is right at Penn Plaza and dodging the construction work and noise will be a major PITA. However, MSG is due for a facelift and hey, maybe a new look is sign for a new (improved) team (Knicks)?
  9. Martha Stewart for 1-800 Flowers, Brooklyn Bride. Although I’m not much of a fan for flowers, I have to admit that these arrangements are gorgeous. Especially the first one. I love you, Martha! You my girl!
  10. Japanese Creative Packaging Design Solutions to Ugly Barcodes, Boing Boing. Once again, ADEB (Asians Do Everything Better).
  11. Miss USA’ Marketers: Watch This Pageant Cuz Pretty Chicks Are Idiots! Jezebel. With pageant ratings taking a dive in the past few years, the forces behind Miss USA have decided to go another way with their marketing efforts. Hilarious!
  12. Dead Woman Buried With Cell Phone Allegedly Sends Texts to Husband, Gizmodo. What a great idea! When I die, please bury me with my cell phone AND laptop. I shall continue to text and blog from the beyond.

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