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Angry Birds Solved

Or, this is what you get when you mix Angry Birds with The Muppets. Via Cannot Unsee. You may also like: Life Lessons from Super Mario Brothers The Secret Lives of Superhero Toys “3-CPO” Lego Representations of the 50 States

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The Ultimate WordPress Cheat Sheet

I know I haven’t written anything in my WordPress for the Everyday Blogger series in a while, and for that I apologize. I promise I’ll get crackin’ on the next post soon! To tide you over in the meantime, here’s a fantastic cheat sheet I saw over at Bit Rebels today. The WordPress Codex can […]

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Six Months

My little girl turns six months old today! On one hand, I can’t believe that it’s already been half a year since she entered our lives. On the other, I can’t wait for what’s to come. I’m eagerly awaiting her first steps and first word. I’m even looking forward to the teenage years, if you […]

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MTV Germany has created a series of comic-style ads to humorously deliver their “safe sex” message. Remember, kids. Sex is no accident. Via Zevs. You may also like: Disney’s Hollywood Studios Star Wars Weekends 2012 Posters Everybody Reads the Same Story Differently Secret Invasion Ads, Remixed How Archer is Just Like Futurama

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Rumors I’ve Heard About Anna Wintour

It’s confession time, boys and girls! I don’t particularly like the book The Devil Wears Prada. I don’t think the movie was that great either (despite the oh-so-fab outfits). So why is it that I’ve read the book numerous times, and watched the movie more times than I would like to admit? Are there any […]

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Preserving Naps and Bedtime

I wish my daughter was one of those babies that can sleep anywhere. I wish she were a naturally good sleeper. But she is neither of those things, as she is a highly sensitive child who is always so transfixed by the world around her that she needs to be in a dark, quiet room […]

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Two Videos and a Winner

Or, this is what happens when I’m too tired to properly blog. The first video, via Gizmodo, reveals how NASA Photoshops Hubble’s images. According to HubbleSite: Hubble images are made, not born. Images must be woven together from the incoming data from the cameras, cleaned up and given colors that bring out features that eyes […]

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New Deluxe Penguin Classics

So I had no idea that the iconic publisher Penguin had started a series called Graphic Penguin Classics which takes popular and classic novels and redesigns the covers, illustrated by today’s hottest graphic artists. (You can get a better look at the covers at this Flickr Set.) This is yet another lesson that reminds you […]

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Ahh, giveaways. I know for a fact that the net is full of people who trawl sites just for giveaways and contests, as well as those who manage to enter single drawings numerous times under various pseudonyms without getting caught. Because who doesn’t like free stuff? And as much as the blog is great on its own, […]