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So They *Do* Come in Threes…

I have received three pieces of bad news since the early hours of the morning, one of which involves a death in the family. I have spent the majority of the morning crying or cleaning (my brand of therapy)…luckily, Claire has been in a good mood and has allowed me to leave her alone for […]

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J passed this along to me and we both had a good laugh. A must-see for any Foursquare users who are also Star Wars fans! (Click to view large) Via Death Star PR. You may also like: Once Upon an Internet Watch Star Wars in Text Animation 5 Things I Found on the Internet This Week […]

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“Twilight” in 4 Seconds

This made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my face. Take a look — it’s only 4 seconds long! The video above is actually a clip from a parody of  the “Breaking Dawn” trailer by Jack at jacksfilms. The full movie can be viewed here. 🙂 Via Reddit. You may also like: […]

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Sharing is Caring

My cousin told me that when her daughter first entered preschool, and her teachers were attempting to teach her the concept of “sharing is caring,” she began to use it for her own advantage. In other words, whenever she saw another child playing with a toy she liked, she would march on over, tell the […]

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Harry Potter Facts [Tumblr Site of the Day]

Today I stumbled upon a neat Tunblr blog called Harry Potter Facts and spent a good portion of the morning reading through all its archives. Here are some of my favorites (most have to do with what happens to Harry and the gang after book 7): I’m not sure if there will be another book […]

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The Art of Clean Up

The following images are from Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli‘s new book, The Art of Clean Up, due out next month, where the compulsively tidy designer takes everyday objects and situations and organizes them in the most…amazing (well, at least to this neat freak) ways possible. Be sure to also check out Wehrli’s Tidying Up Art books, where […]

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Star Wars Alphabet Game [Gotta Get ‘Em All!]

I really need to brush up on my Star Wars trivia, because I couldn’t get everything! *hangs head in shame* I will post the answers in the comments section right after publishing this, so fret not! Via Neatorama. P.S. — According to Gamma Squad, the creator of the game, the chart was made “liberally using titles, […]

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Hurricane Irene

A snippet of the conversation I had with my mother yesterday — Me: The governor has declared a state of emergency and we’re in a potential flood zone. But don’t worry, we’re stocking up on bottled water, food, and batteries. My Mother: (horrified) Does that mean I can’t see Claire this weekend? Geez, thanks for […]

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The best name for a beer…or no? 😛 Via Reddit. You may also like: 13 Reasons Why Humans Are the Cutest Animals Anatomy of the Holidays [Comic] Marvel Comics: What If? Will Rohan Answer?