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A Haunting Dream

It starts with a night out on the town with friends, drinks, and laughter.

We commence our drive back home. It is 4am. The roads are predictably clear and we cruise along at a carefree speed.

We exit the tunnel and continue on to the big curve ahead. We have made this drive hundreds of times before. Just one big curve on the road, adjacent to a magnificent cliff overlooking the Hudson River and the Manhattan skyline. Just one big curve before our exit.

I then realize that we are going too fast. Before I can warn J, inertia takes ahold of the car. We crash through the metal railing and fly off the side of the cliff.

This is it. We’re going to die,  I think.

Contrary to what I had believed, my life does not flash before my eyes. I am afraid for a split second before a sense of calm and acceptance overwhelms my being. I know I have lived an imperfect life, but I also am certain that I will soon be with God.

Most of all, I am happy. I am happy that my last moments here on earth will be spent with J.

I turn to him. We grasp each other’s hands. He opens his mouth as if to say “I’m sorry” but never gets a chance. Because at that moment, I decide to interrupt him once again. Except this time around, I am positive that what I have to say is more important any ‘sorry’s or ‘goodbye’s combined.

“I love you.”

We crash, and I open my eyes.

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One Response to “A Haunting Dream”

  1. Wow! I thought I had some haunting dreams this week. I had one every night this week. Maybe because I know of two people who died within the past two weeks and a friend of my family is very ill. I’ve had dreams where I drove off a bridge but I started flying in the air and then I woke up. It had more of a cartoon feel where the characters never get seriously hurt.

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