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anaPad: An Analog iPad

I’ve always said that even if we do end up getting an iPad or a Motorola Xoom (we still haven’t decided which), I would be reluctant to let our kids play with such an expensive device.

Then there’s the imagination factor. As much as I am a geek and technophile, it always makes me a bit sad when I see little kids preferring digital devices over some paper and crayons.

Lucky for people like me, there is an adorable kids’ alternative to the iPad: the anaPad.

From its Etsy description:

Meet the anaPad–a children’s toy that promotes analog learning and creativity in a digital world.

A magnetic white board, perfect for drawing, games and learning, is framed inside a wooden frame cut to the exact dimensions of an Apple iPad. Companion app magnets and marker are included.

The best part? At $28, it is a mere fraction of the cost of the iPad and its competitors.

Via Design Milk.

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4 Responses to “anaPad: An Analog iPad”

  1. MrsW says:

    That’s a really cute idea, but I don’t know that I could stomach paying twenty-eight bucks for a cute whiteboard and some magnets.

  2. Annie says:

    I bought those magnets for W last year! 🙂

  3. Esther K says:

    I highly recommend the iPad over the Xoom. We had both at the same time and we ended up using the iPad so much more… it’s easier to use and makes just seems to make more sense… after about 2 weeks, we sold the Xoom on ebay.

    • We actually both prefer the Xoom since we’re an Android family. 🙂 The only thing standing in the way is the price, since it’s more expensive than the iPad.

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